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Fan Fiction on Kindle

Did you know that you can email document files to your kindle email address and then read them on the device?

Some of the P&P fan fiction out there is already in pdf form; other ff, such as at Mrs. Darcy's can be copy/pasted into a word processing document and then emailed.

If you email wirelessly (Kindle calls it whispernet) there is a small fee.

You can also email free (use instead of - type "convert" in the subject box and then kindle will email the file to your computer; you then save the file to your kindle device and voila!

I've done that with a couple of stories now and it's just great.

I'm guessing the same thing is possible with other readers, I am not familiar with those devices though.

Re: Fan Fiction on Kindle

Can you give me idiot instructions on the steps It would take to save the file once I emailed it to the (use guess I also need to find out what is in front of the @ sign.


Re: Fan Fiction on Kindle

At some point in the registration process for a Kindle, Amazon issues a kindle email - they used my user name and then

Once I have a story saved to my computer in document form (I use Microsoft Word), I send it as an attachment to my email only I use instead of @kindle (my assigned user name in front of the @ sign).

I put the word 'convert' in the subject line and then send the attachment (I'm sending all this from my own gmail account by the way).

Then I attach my kindle to my computer using the USB cable.

Very shortly thereafter, an email comes back to me from Amazon with a reformatted document attached. I right click on that document and then save it to my Kindle.

Disconnect the Kindle from the computer and then open the Kindle - the file should be there.

Please don't hesitate to ask any more questions - I'm happy to help!

Re: Fan Fiction on Kindle

I have recently started using a kindle. All my FF is in Word format, and I am gradually transferring my favorites over to the Kindle.

I have been able to send the docs as an attachment via the "@freekindle" address without asking for a "convert" and without using the USB. It takes just a few minutes for the doc to appear on my device. I have the 3G wireless Kindle.

Very easy!

Re: Fan Fiction on Kindle

Well, I'll be, Teddie! That's great to know...I am going to try that next....