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Re: Jan H - The Child

Such a beautiful ending! I can't believe another one of your stories is completed. I'm thrilled to read that everything is resolved, but I just love your stories way too much to want them to end. Thank you so much, Jan, for treating us with another one of your masterpieces!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Thank you for sharing your gift with us. The Child was a lovely story from start to finish granted some very rickety roller coasters you took us over but wonderful all the same.

Re: Jan H - The Child

BRAVA!! But you do realize since you spoil us so with your fantastic stories-- we are as ever, anxiously awaiting your next. Do say you have more ideas in the wings...

Re: Jan H - The Child

Hi, everyone! Thank you so much for supporting me through this story. Your comments kept me going at times when I wondered how I could. I've been away from writing fan fiction for a few years now, so it wasn't easy coming back until I heard from you. Then I felt like I'd never left.

I must thank my wonderful betas, Debbie S and Linnea Eileen. They cleaned up my punctuation, corrected my non-existent Regency knowledge, and told me when my ideas weren't working, and did it all with a smile. I owe them so much.

And to dear Renee, who provides this beautiful site and gives me a home for all my stories, I have to say thank you, thank you, thank you!

You're all the best!

Re: Jan H - The Child

All I can say is Wonderful, Just Wonderful! Thank you! Bravo, Bravo!!!!!!!!!

Re: Jan H - The Child

another great story, thanks so much, jan, you never disappoint!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Jan, congratulations on finishing yet another wonderful story. I love your very happy endings especially!

Darcy's reluctance to part with his daughter was so very sweet. I loved Lady Catherine giving art lessons and her change of heart.

Seeing the Darcys still happily married so many years later was just lovely. I will re-read this story with pleasure!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Your stories are always so wonderful to read. I've greatly appreciated The Child. It is as well written as all your other stories! Please, let us enjoy your talents again soon! Thanks, DLSchickel

Re: Jan H - The Child

Elaine, Michelle, Lucy and DL, thank you for your very kind remarks!