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Re: The Power of a Good Sonnet by Malena

Oh, that was good!
I love the way the Colonel called out his cousin in a round about way.

Poor Mr. Darcy, sometimes his opinions are not quite his own. Feeling a little rejected before he gets rejected.

Well, I hope he doesn't stew about it for too long.

Great chappie Malena.

Re: The Power of a Good Sonnet by Malena

conceited, arrogant, selfish and disdainful of the feelings of others
Well that perfectly describes this Mr. Darcy.
Hope Lizzy visits Chatsworth and the Colonel takes a liking to her. That should really put Darcy in a mood! And what of the secret admirer, has he written to her yet?

Delightful story! Thanks

Re: The Power of a Good Sonnet by Malena

Oh, this is fun! I love how the colonel knows just what his cousin has done. Thanks for starting this new story, Malena--love it already!