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Re: Abby B's Happenstance...

Just now reading this. Only negative it the red background affect on my eyes. I love compromise marriage situations and angst so this story is right up my alley. With so much anger on both sides I wonder if they will even be able to say their vows and then how long before any other words will be exchanged or will the silence be deafening?

Re: Abby B's Happenstance...


Thank you so much for the review. I so wish I could have the background changed, but alas I fear Renee is no longer maintaining this site and hate to bother her after so many years have gone by.

Nevertheless, thank you for the lovely feedback. I'm back to reread the story myself after many years away from it. :)

Re: Abby B's Happenstance...

Dear Abby,

I'm sorry, but it's true that I'm not really maintaining the site anymore. A thing readers could do though is copy the story and paste it in Word. The site will be deleted next year. So, if you don't have your story in your files anymore, copy it!

Hope you're well, dear Abby. Long time, no hear!

Many things have changed here, and in the meantime I've become a granny and published my first novel.