Liberty Bell Chapter #266

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Liberty Bell Chapter #266
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The VA’s National Center for PTSD wants to make sure you are aware we now have new revisions of our Returning from the War Zone Guides available. One version is for Service Members and the other is for Family. They include narratives, color photos and live links to materials on our Web site.

These publications can currently be located at:

Returning from the War Zone: A Guide for Families of Military Members (PDF)
Information to help military family members understand what to expect during the reintegration following time in a war zone, and to help them adapt back to home life with their loved one.

Returning from the War Zone: A Guide for Military Personnel (PDF)
Information to help military personnel understand what to expect when returning from a war zone, and to help them to better adapt back to home life.

An online interactive version of the Family Guide will also be available soon.