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Liberty Bell Chapter #266
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I may be outof place here, and speaking out of turn, BUT, Of all the board and committee reports, when asked for a report, the answer is "NO REPORT". I believe that all Board and Committee's , should make a report, especially concerning Veterans. This is what we are all about. (VETERANS). Public Affairs should be concerned with submitting articles to the National "Veteran Magazine" chapter information, and not fishing trips nor ball games. I mean no disrespect here to the Committees, but anything on Veterans Reports should be of the utmost importance. It is said that this gives the chapter a time to get together for enjoyment and comoraderie.
The chapter meets once a month, The Board meets once a month,(all are invited to attend), there are several open houses - Memorial Day, First week of August, the Banquet, and if more would show up for clean-up, that is also a time to get together, all are welcome to UVC meetings, food drives, (not just packing and distribution on Sundays), Hospital Party's. These are the times that the members could get together. More reports are a priority, as requested by our President, and I for one agree, especially when there are more than one person on the committee. maybe ALL committees should have more than one member.
Just my humble opinion,and request.