Liberty Bell Chapter #266

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Liberty Bell Chapter #266
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I recently sent out mail concerning the above,but would like to state my own opinion. It follows:
I agree with the fact that there should be, and now there is, a background check on all weapon purchases, except rifles, and they should have them for them also.

My concern is the fact that a Veteran may be denied the right to protect himself and his family, should it be necessary, and as long as the requirements are met.

Straw purchases are the most common way for a criminal to get a weapon, without a background check. I also agree, or feel, that it NOT necessary to own more than one at a time. If you tire of your weapon, you should be forced to turn it over, as down payment or trade-in upon the purchase of another one. Most of you know that I have a carry permit, BUT, it it is strictly for self defence. I am too old (sic) to be involved in street fighting, and feel that the only self defense I have is a weapon when my life, or my family's is threatened.
Just my own personal opinion. You may add comments if you see or con...
Semper Fi,
Tom M.