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Liberty Bell Chapter #266
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I'm Still Here

Just an update... I am staying with my daughter in Parkwood. I recently had a TEE & Catherization for a faulty heart valve. I am going into Jefferson Hospital the beginng of March for open heart surgery to have it replaced. The overall prognosis is good. I will be in for approximately 5 days, and then on light duty for a month. GEEZ, NO SEX!!!!!! I'll post again when I get confirmation on the exact date of the surgery, just to let you all know. I hope to be at the Feb. meeting, but definitely not in March.

Re: I'm Still Here

I'll be keeping you in my prayers,. I'll be talking to ya. If you need ANYTHING give me a shout, you got my phone #. Cougar

Re: I'm Still Here

I cannot make the meeting on the 1st - so I will not see you. I am so glad that you are getting yourself healthy enough for your surgery. There was no doubt in my mind that you would be bouncing back. YOU ARE A MARINE!!!!!
Take care and glad you are back on line.

Re: I'm Still Here

Tom M.,
My mother-in-law recently had a heart valve replaced and she seems to have benefited from it. I hope to see you Monday.
Larry "Doc" H.