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Liberty Bell Chapter #266
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Obviously if I was the last one to post, not many people are reading this forum. However, I would like to reach out and send a gigantic thank you to the volunteers who came out to help with the Flapjack Fundraiser on October 16th at Appleebees. My family members: husband, Bud, nephew, Matt; friends - Marianne McCulligan, Mary Scarborough, Susan Ward; Bill MOntgomery along with his daughter and son-in-law, Margaret and Matthew Hassel, Len Johnson; Sandy & Jon Wright, and Al Mikutis, Jr.
It was great to see some of the Chapter members come out to support it, and I thank them. (Would list them, but don't want to forget anyone.)
The candle ceremony on Friday was as enthusiastically attended as the Applebees breakfast. I thank the friends who did attend. It was especially emotional to see Tom Murtha with his Grandson read the names, and place the candle and flowers at the panels to honor our heroes.
Not sure what gives with the lack of attendance - whether it be the meetings, or special activities, or the hospital parties (not too many there, either). All I know is that I made a commitment to some members years ago (and many of them not with us) to keep doing what little I could do to encourage learning and educating others about Veterans, especially the Vietnam Veterans.