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Fund Raising

My first thoughts are to wish all of you a happy holiday season, in whatever way you celebrate....and hopefully you have good things to celebrate.
However, I would like to restate my feelings about the Christmas food drive that is scheduled in the next week or so. I had mentioned this at one of the Chapter meetings, and I was hit with some negative comments, and also that I didn't care if some deserving veterans got a meal...whatever.
I just checked the "Spirit" which is the local paper that I advertise, and thank the various groups for their help with the Chapter events, and As of last count there were ten (in this issue only) requests for help with various food drives, toy, drives, clthing drives..etc...and not one of them is a repeat request....what do I mean? Well, Chapter 266 was just at Thriftway for the Thanksgiving Food Drive and now is going back for the Christmas Food Drive...I think this is taking advantage of the good people of the neighborhood (and yes, it is my neighborhood)....and to top it off, the money that is donated in the jar, then is used to purchase food vouchers/certificates at a DIFFERENT store, not the store that you just used to collect food. That is unreal. I intend to send this to several members, as I am not sure how many people are reading this forum.

Re: Fund Raising (food drive)

I am writing this in response to Mrs. Bukowsi's message.
I also feel that the food certificates that accompany the food baskets be made out to the Thriftway Stores. They are currently made out to the Acme Stores, who, by the way, have decided NOT to let the Chapter utilize their store for food collections. Why honor their store, if they won't allow participation by the Chapter?
I also feel that after years of participation with the Chapter, and her loyalty and contributions, the comments made toward Mrs. Bukowski, were definitely out of order.....
When this issue of the certificates was brought up at the January Chapter meeting, the reference to Mrs. Bukowski's request was quickly put aside, before the member had a chance to finish his request, the statement was made by a board member, that the board would take up the matter at the next board meeting. I, for what it is worth, would like to see this presented to the membership to decide.
Tom M.

Re: Fund Raising (food drive)

After speaking with Sandy B., she informed me that 1 person said something to her during the food drive and the comments that were made got her upset. NOTHING WAS SAID AT A MEETING. I assume this is what Tom may be referring to. I was at the last meeting and it was stated that the vouchers issue would be brought up at the board meeting which is on Monday night.
This message board is mainly for a fun way to get in touch with other veterans and associates and to inform them of events, etc. This posting got me to contact Mrs. B by phone and explain to her about the meeting. She then told me the one incident at the Food Drive.

Re: Fund Raising (food drive)

So funny how things can get out of hand, almost like the child's game 'whisper down the lane'...
Let's put things to rest and move on with improving the Chapter's efforts.