Liberty Bell Chapter #266

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Liberty Bell Chapter #266
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Re: Vietnam Patch

I was issued this patch, as was everyone assigned to the mountain to guard the Xuan Van Pass south of Qui Nhon, Vietnam, in 1967. Over half of the company, based in Qui Nhon , was assigned to the mountain, to guard the pass, patrol the area,and stop the Viet Cong from entering Qui Nhon thru the pass. There were 7 posts positioned on the sides and top of the two mountains that formed the pass. One of the mountains was referred to as "Signal Mountain", because it was taller, and was equipped with multiple radio towers and other communication antennas. I was mostly assigned to post six, which was on the top of the mountain closest to the South China Sea, and was built on a cliff, overlooking most of the other posts and the pass and valley. I was promoted from Specialist E-4 to Corporal E-4, so was in command of the top of the mountain. I was 22 years old, and known as "The Old Man of the Mountain" because I had lasted longer than anyone else on the mountain. After six months on the mountain, everyone was offered guard duty at the depot where all the supplies came to from the supply ships. This was considered less dangerous than on the mountain. I stayed on the mountain. I was at post six when the tet offensive began. In the valley was a leprosarium run by French nuns, in what appeared to be a church or monastary, across a small river from the fishing village. There was a tall waterfall that the river ran over, and beside that a path used often by VC. I still have my patch, in fact just had it put on a new field jacket that is a recreation of my old one used in Viet Nam. Hope this is helpful.