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Liberty Bell Chapter #266
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Re: It's Febru and it's time we walk across America.

Let's discuss a subject or cause to support and then let's do a walk across America.

I did this walk once and it was a lifetime experience! Americans always dream of walking across America in their lifetime, but never do it.

You can drive as I walk when you want to walk or drive the vehicle. We can work this out where we both receive what we want out of the excursion.

I removed the website from my previous walk so now is the time to start preparing a new site and prepare for our walk.

The time is now....this is probably the only chance in your life to do something that millions of Americans want to do, but never do in their life.

We'll decide on a subject or cause and set a date. I am retired so the timing is at your convenience.

Mark was brave enough to also walk and dedicated a few months of his life to start in California and finish in Georgia and then onwards to D.C.

Do contact me if nothing else just to let me explain where is involved so you will know the facts.

Warm regards, Jerry C. Oliver

Let's do a Walk Across America

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This is a once in a lifetime to rise to a higher cause in life. I've done it before and I can attest that you'll feel the same way.

I am still in excellent health and ready for the true adventure of a lifetime.

We had over 40+ TV/Radio/Newspaper interviews on the last walk. We met hundreds of true Americans and thousands of passing cars/trucks honking their horns when they saw us walking down the highways carrying the American flag.

Contact me if you have any questions. Let' do it!!