Liberty Bell Chapter #266

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Liberty Bell Chapter #266
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The V.A.

Hi, I was "in/Country" back in 67/68. "Tet" was the Big Show during my tour. For 5/day we held the Perimeter, and watched the "Rockets/Red/Glare' Felt the Bombs Bursting in air. We had a "Duster" Twin 40MM-Cannons and we were shooting at the 120mm rockets that were heading into our ammo dump. We ended up Hurting Charlie and his N.V.A. buddies so bad, that thing got quite for a while. -------------------------But That Not why I write You Folks tonight.---------------------
I'm now a Patient at the Brockton Ma. V.A. Everything that could go wrong here, has!!!--------
First the v.a. gave me a case of Pneumonia, that was So Bad, That I was sent to a Civilian Hospital to recover!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------
I was sent back here. Then the v.a. gives me a M.R.S.A. infection!!! (MRSA stands for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, a type of bacteria that is resistant to several antibiotics.)(In some cases, it causes pneumonia and other infections. If left untreated, MRSA infections can become severe and cause sepsis a Life threatening infection of the blood)--------
So that v.a. has Killed-Me and Allowed the Theft of All My Personal Property!!!---------------
--------------------------Here is the Question I want to Ask You/All.---------------------------
----------If You should ever need medical attention, where are You going to get Help?-----------
The Government?!?! Think about that for a few sec. When has the gov. Ever got Anything right?
There was a book once written titled. "In-The-Belly-of-the-Beast" it was about Jail. And That's Only Because that guy had never been to a v.a. facility!!! THIS IS THE BEAST!!! HEARTLESS, COLD,
NOT CARING!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I have nothing to gain here, I'm just trying to save Vets, the "Pain" the v.a. has caused me.
I wrote a letter to the Sec. of Veteran Affairs r.a.mcdonald, That S.O.B. sent the f.b.i. to Question me?!?! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Your Grown Men, You can Make Up Your Own Minds, Provided You get all the info.----------------
Hey, You All, Take Good Care. You Don't want To end up in a Hell/Hole like this.