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Which form of motorsport did you enjoy watching Swede compete in the most?
Quarter Midgets
Desert Bike Racing
Motorcycle TT or Flat Track Racing
Motorcycle Speedway Racing
Motorcycle Road Racing
NASCAR Stock Cars
Can-Am Series
Trans Am Series
Indy Cars

Which type of motorsports do you currently enjoy the most , if any?
Indy Racing League / Indy 500
CART - the other series with Indy Type Cars
NASCAR , ASA, ARCA (stock cars)
Trans-Am, GT, or Vintage racing
Midgets, Sprints, Silver Crown or SuperModifieds
Motorcycles on asphalt
Motorcycles on dirt
Endurance Racing

What did you like the most about Swede?
His good looks.
His personality.
His racing abilities.
His name.
All of the above.
None of the above.

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