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silica sand sio2

Subject: Silica sand (sio2).

Dear Sir,

Egyston for Contracting & Trade Agencies, 4 Nabil Al Wakkad Street, Cairo – Egypt, incorporated according to the Egyptian laws, has a very long specialized sales and marketing experience in connection with the subject Silica sand (sio2) on the national scale.

Egyston has recently obtained an official license to carry out the activities of exploration, production and exportation of Silica sand (sio2) at its allocated sites in Abu Zenemma - Sinai, Egypt.

Our research and development team initiated its activities for 2010 by a short list of prospective clients including your esteemed company on the top of the list.
Egyston for Contracting & Trade Agencies is, therefore, pleased to introduce its production and exportation potentials as follows:

 Egyston silica allocated quarries have a reserve of 600.000 m3 equivalent to 900.000 tons.
 Daily production capacity is 800 tons.
 Monthly production capacity is 20.000 tons.
 Shipment loads 5000 T: 7000 T every ten days.
 Competitive prices are available (FOB, based on quantity and port of loading).
 Delivery date: 45 days from the date of irrevocable letter of credit to the order of Egyston.

Meanwhile, you are kindly requested to look into the attached physic – chemical analyses of our product of sio2.

Egyston anticipates that providing you with this service will make a significant contribution to achieving one of its goals, establishing partnership business relationships with esteemed companies on everlasting basis.

We appreciate your consideration to this offer and look forward to your response.

Thank you & Best Regards

Sincerely yours,

Responsabile Sales Executive
Omar Ali
Nabil Al Wakkad st 4
11341- Cairo - Egypt
Tel: +20 2 26 905 910 / 11
Fax: +20 2 24 191 035
Mob: +2 0196055776