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Don Hayward's Detroit Diesel 2 Stroke Engine Forum

Welcome to this forum, Feel free to ask for information or leave articles of help for other people interested in DD 2 Stroke's & GM 8.2L/GM 6.2L.. I Have Service Manuals for Inline71 - V71 - 53 Series - GM6.2l.. Also Parts Books 53-71-92-110.. Please use REFRESH after posts.. You don't have to remain ANON, if i post from an email etc.,I will use this to start with for your identity protection, then you can change if you wish.. Click on first post of subject to view all not last one, or switch Styles..

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Don Hayward's Detroit Diesel 2 Stroke Engine Forum
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The most common mistakes to avoid when renting coastal equipment

When renting coastal equipment, there are several common mistakes that people should avoid to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. These mistakes include:

Not checking the weather forecast before heading out.
Failing to inspect the equipment thoroughly before renting it.
Not understanding the rules and regulations for using the equipment.
Overestimating one's abilities and choosing equipment that is too advanced.
Neglecting to wear proper safety gear, such as life jackets.
Renting from an unreliable or unlicensed rental company.
Failing to communicate with the coastal equipment rental company about any special needs or concerns.
Not properly securing equipment during transport.
Ignoring any warning signs or instructions provided by the rental company.
Not returning the equipment on time or in the same condition as when it was rented.

By avoiding these mistakes, individuals can have a safer and more enjoyable experience renting coastal equipment.