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Don Hayward's Detroit Diesel 2 Stroke Engine Forum

Welcome to this forum, Feel free to ask for information or leave articles of help for other people interested in DD 2 Stroke's & GM 8.2L/GM 6.2L.. I Have Service Manuals for Inline71 - V71 - 53 Series - GM6.2l.. Also Parts Books 53-71-92-110.. Please use REFRESH after posts.. You don't have to remain ANON, if i post from an email etc.,I will use this to start with for your identity protection, then you can change if you wish.. Click on first post of subject to view all not last one, or switch Styles..

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Don Hayward's Detroit Diesel 2 Stroke Engine Forum
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What should be a careful precaution if you have Tarlov cysts

The exercises to avoid with tarlov cysts recommend cautious consideration to prevent highten symptoms or bring out further complications. Certain meditation and exercises must be avoided to reduce stress on the spine and minimize the risk of annoying the cysts. High-influence activities such as vigorous aerobics, jumping, or running can create excessive strain pressure on the spine, potentially excessive worse symptoms. Lifting heavy weight should also be ignored or avoided as it can stress the back and increase strain. Twisting movements, like some yoga poses, exercises or during sports activities like golf, etc should be approached and recommended with caution as they can stress the spine and strain symptoms. Too much bending, especially in backward and forward position, can further aggravate Tarlov cysts by maximizing pressure on the affected area.