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Innercept LLC in Idaho

We went to Innercept, a treatment center in Idaho, and survived being there, am currently home. The program treated us horribly and the program manager and stabilization room manager both denied us water while we were having a meltdown, as we "wouldn't calm down," and this happened multiple times. Most of our trauma comes from that horrible place, and we were there 10 months, this past year.

We refer to ourselves as "we" and "us" because we're a system (similar to DID/OSDD). Our therapist, told us we were "worshiping the devil" on multiple occasions because our religion is a pagan one. The residents often would throw slurs at each other and us, purposely misgender us on the daily, along with bullying us for our triggers and we learned how to "be quiet and peaceful" surrounding that, which was sickenly celebrated by our therapist(s).

Also people constantly stole food because everyone was hungry all the time, and now a main trigger for us is being denied food when we're hungry, and the lost weight was sickenly celebrated by our parent.

The staff promised us a "gender neutral" room when we arrived, but was roomed with a trans girl, who is a girl, when we're not a girl. Was going to complain about this over Christmas because we were told we had a special call with our parent, but the staff decided to not let us call her because "we were going to complain" and tell the truth.

We were also restrained by staff on multiple occasions and by being there we formed a headmate/alter who is now afraid of people hurting them (emotionally and physically) and often is afraid of leaving our room and sometimes is afraid of just having dinner with our parent (because they're a person and they could do anything horrible).

Have been upset for multiple days because of remembering - I remember how we sexually assaulted a resident, though they forgave us, and how one of us is recovering from being addicted to homicide, even though usually we're not violent, and it was simply because we were in a bad headspace (due to things listed above).