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Stillwater Academy Utah

I was at Stillwater Academy for over 2 years oct. 2008-Dec.2010. They dont try to help kids they try to brainwash them into submission. They wont let parents talk to kids until the children are broken into either submission or faking it. Ive seen kids kept in isolation from anyone for weeks. I spent a long time in the lower phases of the program and knowing my parents would pay they kept me down for a long time. As soon as you confront them they say youre pushing responsibility off yourself. I realized I was screwed until 18 and 4 days after my 18th birthday when it was my choice to walk out they graduated me to keep their track record of success clear. When i brought such things up i was put on a "blackout" where i wasnt allowed to communicate in any way other than pre approved questions that a staff member could deny you just because they are having a bad day. I saw many kids lose it and try to run away including myself at one point. I have had to keep this relatively vague and acknowledge it sounds exaggerated but i make no jokes and have sat on this for years because i didnt think anyone would believe me or care. My father ,after i left Stillwater, acknowledged that they were cruel and money hungry. If any parent of a child there reads this please bring your child home and dont listen to the staff there when they give excuses to keep them. There is good help out there but Stillwater can really cause negative impact for life. I still have issues interacting and socializing with people out here in a way that makes me feel like a prisoner locked up for years.

Re: Stillwater Academy Utah

I believe you. I survived Catherine Freer and Bridges Academy. I hope you heal. God bless.