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Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

Katya, that was a lovely drabble! Loved that last line, it was very amusing :)

Thank you Maria Teresa, I have to say I am thinking of 'completing' that drabble... so is it fair to keep you in suspense about those two men I mentioned? ;)

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

It occurred to me that you might be wanting a title, Renee, so I thought this could be "An Olive Branch"

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

Good thinking, Katja. In the meantime Bravenet is ok again, so I can post it on the special drabble page.


Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

Yikes! The problems with Bravenet haven't been solved... I've uploaded Katja's drabble but the page looks awful... Well, 'let's not complain immediately and see what happens in the next few hours.


Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

My second attempt at a drabble. This is actually more an excerpt (a bit of alteration required for the 200 word-requirement) from a story I'm writing...

In the Dark

He refilled his glass with brandy and sat down in his favorite chair.

He thought of her; of her eyes that had twinkled repeatedly that night over dinner, eyes that had danced with pleasure when she’d smiled at him… the sound of her gentle laugh as it mingled with his own low one. He remembered how she unconsciously, repeatedly, licked her lips before speaking – and how that gesture had almost driven him to distraction… how, when she’d noticed him staring at her, she’d ducked her head in adorable shyness, the color rising in her cheeks. And he felt her breath on his face once more, seeing her upturned face before him, eyes closed as she waited… all of it seeming like a dream…

And then he saw her in the stranger’s arms – a lover’s arms, for it had not been a friendly, fleeting embrace. It had been one of want, of refuge, or of a long-awaited reunion.

William shook his head violently. Her bright, laughing eyes and her warm, open smile teased his thoughts til the early hours, steadily fading into emptiness as the bottle’s contents diminished.

She would never be his.

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

So lovely, but so sad too, Mel.

And I'm already sad enough as it is! Bravenet just told me that I have to re-create the lay-out of the drabbles page and other pages I updated. They're experiencing severe problems with their new system, and unfortunately I'm one of the (presumably many) victims.

So, don't expect new updates withing 24/48 hours. I'll patiently await further information.

R~ <-- most seriously displeased...

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

Mel, your second drabble was sad, but beautiful. I love a William Darcy so bewitched with Elizabeth Bennet and the feeling of melancholy you conveyed to the drabble . And the optimist in me thinks William will have a happier end in this story than he has at present reason to hope

Thank you Maria Teresa, I have to say I am thinking of 'completing' that drabble... so is it fair to keep you in suspense about those two men I mentioned?

Fair or not, please continue!!! I'm eager to read the rest of your story (and to know who's that mysterious man who keeps our William so despondent of course)!

Renée, I'm sorry for the problems you're having with Bravenet and I hope things get better soon. I appreciate all you're doing to maintain this wonderful site .

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

TY for your support, Maria Teresa, I really had a bad day because of it. Let's hope their problems will soon be solved. I have chapters to upload, drabbles, new book recommendations...


Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

Oh no Renée :( hope things work themselves out soon, I have a feeling you're getting really stressed :(

Thanks Maria Teresa :) I am happy you like it. That last drabble does have a happy ending!

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

That last drabble does have a happy ending!

I'm glad, Mel, I need it!

But don't worry, my dear, I'll cope! hee hee

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

My dears, the page is up again, including yours dear Mel.

Renée <-- happy again!

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

Oops, forgot the link

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

Thank you very much Renée!

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

I'm a little late but I wanted to say that was wonderful Bambu! I'm so excited to see you here! I follow your HP work and I can't wait to see what you do in JA!

Great drabbles Mel! You've done a wonderful job! Hope to see more from you soo!

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

In a writing mood... hope it's ok that I've been posting a bit too often :)

A Decent Rousing

He stirred, burrowing deeper into the covers. His right hand reached out – splayed fingers seeking warmth – then curled into a fist when it met nothing but thick cotton. William awoke instantly, pulling the blankets to his naked body as he sat up, squinting in the dimness of his room.

His clock read 6am. Had he imagined the previous night’s events? ‘No,’ he thought, feeling a wave of pleasure wash over him as he recognized her faint scent still lingering on the sheets. He was briefly tempted to bury his nose in the rumpled layers, surrounding him with her sweet smell, when he realized he would much rather his nose be nuzzling various parts of her warm womanly body. He had made up his mind to get up when he heard movement in the hallway, and he remained perfectly still, holding his breath as the door opened.

Elizabeth’s face broke into a shy smile upon seeing him awake. She perched on the edge of the bed nearest him, and he leaned forward to nestle his nose just below her right ear.

She sighed softly as he claimed her mouth in a rough kiss, her voice a bare whisper.

“Good morning… ”

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

Mel, my dear, how lovely! I'm just up and what a good start of the day. I will post as soon as possible.

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

Lovely, lovely, Mel!! Thanks!!!

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

Thank you Renée, Maria Teresa!

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

I know I promised to write one a long time ago, but now I've finally done it. I hope you all enjoy this little tidbit.


The Look

Lizzy was uncertain which she wished more - that Darcy appear in the drawing room, or that he stay at the river with the gentlemen. She had just convinced herself of the former when he entered and the atmosphere became alarmingly strained. Elizabeth felt the suspicion of all upon them and wished he had not come. He, seemingly oblivious, chose a nectarine from the table, and bit into it.

The lush fruit burst as his teeth broke the flesh. Despite her unease, Lizzy's fine eyes were drawn to the droplet of juice that glistened upon his lips. He bit into it again. Over the blushing curve of the nectarine's cheek his eyes met hers. They held for a long, heartstopping moment that she had no wish to break. Darcy completed his bite and tilted the fruit towards her in a gesture that could only mean one thing.

In response, Lizzy plucked a grape from the overflowing arrangement and slipped it between her teeth, breaking it before her lips met.

The heightened intensity of his gaze, and the feelings it instilled in her, overbore all other considerations. She was more than glad he had come.

Caroline was of another mind entirely.

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

Gosh, Sofie, this is so sensual! Beautiful, I love it, I could almost taste it and the vibrations between the too... ahhhh *heartbeat* *faint*

Thank you for sharing this gem with us. Will post it on the appropriate page as soon as possible!

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

Sofie's drabble has been posted, my dears. You'll find it on the Drabbles' page

The Look by Sophie

Sophie, I loved your short. Like I told Renee, I have always loved nectarines but now, I will have a new appreciation for them. Thanks! Cindy

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

Sofie, I can't wait for you to write a more complete scene, as it is, after reading your drabble, my imagination is running wild (and filled with nectarines, Darcy and Lizzy in a locked room). Eek!

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

Renee, Cindy, and Mel - Thanks so much - I'm glad you liked it.

I've always liked nectarines too, but after this I think they'll take on a special meaning ;)

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

What can I say? Simply wonderful! Thanks.

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!


What a sexy piece of writing "The Look" is. Brava!

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

Wrote a silly little drabble the other day, didn't really know where to post it, hopefully it's welcome here:) Thank you Renèe for this lovely site, I'm not big on comments but have been a faithful reader for quite some time and am absolutely addicted to everything here:) Anyways, here goes:


The plan was perfect. She wondered why she’d never thought of it before. Yes, she’d go through with it, despite the storm outside and those dreary Bennets and their insipid cousin staying for the night. She’d seen how Darcy looked at Elizabeth Bennet and knew she had to act now.

So she waited until the house was quiet, got up and slipped into the hallway. It was dark. She almost turned back to get a candle but decided against it - someone might see her. Besides, she was sure she knew the way.

Soon she was behind The Door. She breathed deeply. Everything she wanted was just a few steps away. Slowly, she opened the door and stepped inside. She made her way to the bed and slipped under the covers. She could hear Him breathing. She smiled. All she needed to do now was to scream. Someone would come in and see them and the rest of her plan would work itself out effortlessly. So simple.

She screamed.

The man beside her stirred but before he could light the candle the door opened and Charles rushed in.

“Caroline?! What on Earth are you doing in bed with Mr. Collins?!”

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

Anniina, thank you for your entry! A perfect example of the biter bit, right?! Ick, finding one's self in Collins's bed! How will she explain she got there... ?Such a dumb woman!

Will post it on the appropriate page, asap.

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

Anniina, could you please send an e-mail to Thanks

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

FYI: The drabble of our friend from Finland, Anniina, has been posted on the special drabbles page.

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

I'm thrilled to announce that my very talented LJ friend Bambu has written another little gem of a drabble.

You can find it here... "On the Cusp"

And... a little birdie whispered in my ear that this drabble might be the prelude to a short story featuring Darcy and Lizzy as a married cuople of a day!

So, dear friends, tell Bambu what you think, and encourage her to write her vignette!

Mrs Darcy cannot wait!


Dear Bambu,
I loved your little drabbles, and this one was excellent! Are you going to develop it into a whole little nice story? That'd be awsome! Please, keep working on it, you really have a wonderful talent.


Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

Hi Bambu,

I am following Mrs Darcy's instructions, it was easy to follow the first, to enjoy your wonderfull little Drable, who could have thought so much could be expressed in so few words! Which I think means I have expressed my delight, all that is to be done now is to encorage you to continue with it. Pretty please! ;)

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

I have jsut been reading the drabbles. Very nice! They all pack so much meaning into a short space. Nectatine juice on Darcy....sheer poetry!

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

Mrs Darcy has just posted a new drabble... Enjoy Lizzy's musings in "Those Eyes" by Ángeles!

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

Ángeles, that was lovely. I am glad she felt that "promise of love" upon seeing him and could feel hopeful.

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

Thank you Lucy for your kind words, and also thank you to Mrs Darcy for publishing my little drabble in this wonderful site. This is my first attempt at writing fanfic in English. I know I can't reach the level of most of the writers here, so seeing my little piece of writing "in print" is more than I ever dreamt of. Once again, THANK YOU.


Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

You're welcome, my dear.

Remember, practice makes perfect!

There are quite a few authors who are non-native speakers of English: Eli, Carthia, Andie, Belén and yours truly. Tanya is Russian, but lives in the US, so I suppose she could be called a native speaker of English.

Anyway, with an interesting premise, a fair amount of imagination, writing talent and, last but not least, the invaluable help from the betas, one can come up with a lovely piece of fanfiction!

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

Thank you for your encouragement, Renée. Hugs,


Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

Hi Renee,
Love your site! You are fantastic! I have over 900 P&P fan fiction stories downloaded since I started the addiction in 2006. Hope to contribute to the community too. This is my second attempt in fan fiction (first one was lost in the computer). My English grammar is not the best but hope you and others like it. It is continuing a wip story I read from Since I added my twist, I hope the author wouldn't mind as I haven't seen him/her posting the ending. Enid

Dancing with a Stranger

Thanks for tuning in! Last week we introduced a twist. Our remaining celebrities William and George who danced with Ann and Elizabeth respectively for seven weeks switched their partners.

“We saw your shocked reactions when we announced the switch. Was it because William have said you only had a ‘tolerable figure’?”

“Pure gossip! William felt uncomfortable dancing with a stranger. I was just preoccupied with strategies to help him”

“Dancing is like making love! Let’s see if William can make love with Elizabeth the stranger in a sensual rumba.”

The light in the studio dimmed. William trembled when Elizabeth wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed every inches of her body to him.

How wrong was the presenter, William thought! He had dreamed about making love to Elizabeth since episode two, even though that disgusting George held her body every week.

The switch was fate! William could feel her soft curves, fragrant lavender smell and spicy hot breaths during rehearsals and had endless cold showers afterwards. Tonight she was wearing a tiny red number that made his blood run riot. William was ready to make hot sensual love with Elizabeth tonight, in front millions of TV audiences and afterwards!

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

LOL, I love the couple in dancing mode, Enid! And most certainly latin! Will post it on the appropriate page as soon as possible.

Thank you for sharing!

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

I've posted a new drabble. It's called Jealousy, and this theme is one you will stumble on a couple of times in my WIP The Grand Tour which I'm re-writing at the moment, and hope to start posting soon.

I was inspired by Firthness where the members are also invited to post drabbles in their drabble game thread.

A good moment to urge you ladies to pick up the pen again! I haven't seen you drabble artists in a while, come on, show me you skills!

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

Hi everyone! I just wrote a silly and a rather melodramatic drabble set in the beginning of World War II, hope you like it:)

When he comes back

There had been a ball at Netherfield on the night before Bingley and Darcy left for the continent. She could still see it all. Miss Bingley in her sleek purple silk gown laughing loudly at something that wasn’t funny. The way her mother’s cigarette flipped precariously up and down in her hand when she was giving away a particularly juicy piece of gossip. How Jane’s eyes glistened with tears when she thought of Bingley fighting the Germans.

But most of all she could see Mr. Darcy. In the darkness of the hall, just before he left, he had grabbed her by the shoulders, kissed her fiercely despite her resistance and whispered: “When this war is over I will come back. And you will love me.” He had left without another word and she had stood in the dark her lips burning, seething at his words. The gall of that man! And yet…

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

This is lovely, Anni! TY. I will post it on the appropriate page as soon as possible.

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

Another little scene of the same theme popped in my head just now, hopefully you don't mind me posting it here as well:)

The Blitz

They were in his bed, Elizabeth on top of him, her eyes full of laughter: “So am I to take it that you’ve finally begun to find me handsome enough to tempt you, Mr. Darcy?” She poked his chest with her forefinger, playfully at first but then more insistently … and then, suddenly, he was awake and it was Bingley doing the poking. “Darce? Wake up, man!”

Groggily he opened his eyes and saw Bingley standing next to him looking anxious. The warmth of Lizzy’s body had escaped him along with the dream and he tried to wrap his greatcoat more tightly around him to avoid the cold September morning. “What is it Bings?” “I’ve had a letter from Jane. “ Suddenly Darcy was wide awake. “They’ve had to leave London because of the bombings. The whole family has gone to stay with that cousin of theirs, Collins.” Darcy felt a wave of relief wash over him, she was safe. But Bingley wasn’t finished. “Except for Elizabeth, Jane says she’s refused to leave her job at the hospital.” Not even the greatcoat could protect Darcy from the chill that suffused him when he thought of Elizabeth alone in London, at the mercy of Hitler’s Luftwaffe. “Bingley, I have to get back home. Now.”

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

TY again, Anni. Will read and post asap. RL is a bit in the way at the moment, but it will get to the appropriate page eventually. Don't worry!

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

Hi Renee, Roselene here, I popped over from Firthness to have a look at your site, it's great by the way, and I found all these amazing drabbles.
I enjoyed all of them so much, and thought I should leave a comment, so here goes;
Are You Ticklish by Julie - A lovely drabble, don't you just adore Darcy?
Life is too short by Anne - Interesting drabble, I could see it continuing.
At Half Past Midnight by Mel - A super drabble, I felt for Darcy.
In The Dark by Mel - Very emotive, a lovely drabble.
A Decent Rousing by Mel - Great drabble. Yeah! Lizzy and Darcy together.
Evolution by Lisa J - A really charming drabble.
On The Cusp by Bambu - A lovely drabble, so emotive.
Winter Spring by Bambu - A great drabble, so wistful.
A Painful Word by Bambu - A super drabble.
An Olive Branch by Katja - Great drabble, but very intriguing! What did Lady Catherine say?
The Look by Sofie - A lovely drabble, deliciously naughty!
Compromised by Anniina - A really hilarious drabble, I would love to have seen Caroloine's face.
Those Eyes by Angeles - A super drabble.
Dancing With A Stranger by Enid - A lovely drabble.

Last but by no means least, your two Renee,
Jealousy - Dear Darcy, he is just so adorable, a really super drabble.
Long Lasting Love And Affection - I absolutely loved it, a really beautiful drabble.
My DH and I are not quite that old,(but not too far off either). We just recently celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary, and as corny as it sounds, he still has that effect on me. Love truly is, a many splendoured thing.

Anyway Renee, thanks for a very enjoyable time, I really like your site, and no doubt, will be popping in again soon. Take care.


Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

My dear Roselene, I wish you a very warm welcome to this little community. I'm very happy you've find your way to it, and thank you for the kind comments. I'm sure the drabblers will appreciate it if they read your post.

So funny, I had totally forgotten about my jealousy drabble! I thought you mistook me for someone else, but it is mine allright! It's an adaptation of a little scene from a WIP I'm writing.

Hope to see you often, dear.


PS My husband and I hope to celebrate our 36th anniversary May 29. Baby boomers too, like you.

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

Hello all!

I have long been a fan of this fantastic site and used to be an avid reader, but sadly my studies have left me little time nowadays...

This humble drabble of mine is dedicated to all of the writers on MrsDarcy, who inspired me to write this, and of course Renee, the wonderful webmaster.

Any comments would be fully appreciated.


A Chemistry Experiment Gone Wrong

The class evacuated into the empty hallway. Students clamped their noses and mouths vigorously shut, and scrambled as far as their legs could take them. Everyone screamed silently in their throats, and no one dared to take a breath. It was as if a massive skunk had unleashed its most concentrated weapon back in the lab.

In the hall, two students were glaring at each other with dangerous rage, and once the pungent odor thinned down enough, the girl hollered thunderously.

"I TOLD you to take a beaker of glycerol, NOT WATER!"

The boy's complexion darkened with wrath, matching her anger equally.

"I DID GET GLYCEROL!" He yelled.

She responded with lightning fast quickness.

"Oh really? Then WHY are we smelling essence-a-la-skunk? But YOU never make a mistake! You're the I'm-so-perfect William Darcy!"

"Please, let me savor the moment. It's so rare to hear such a gracious compliment from Lizzy Bennet!"

"ENOUGH!" Mr. Lucas roared, silencing the two. The rest of the class looked on with much excitement.

"Detention for the both of you."

Near the back of the crowd, a smug Caroline Bingley gloated at her success, after having surreptitiously disposed of an empty water bottle.

Re: INVITATION: post your DRABBLE here...!

Thank you, Susan, this was fun! Such a nasty schemer, our Caroline.

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