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Re: Tanya's Strange Bedfellows

Man......cannot believe it's been 16 years since this was written or at least since feedback for this story was opened. I was three years old when this was posted. I stayed up until 6 am on a Saturday night devouring this story. I cried heavily (thankfully my college roommate was was quite some obnoxious sobbing) and was awash with heart-wrenching misery and anger and anguish for all those years apart and the misunderstanding god but also overwhelming happiness and giddiness. I must say it's been a long time since a story has touched me so deeply. Thank you for this beautiful story. I hope the author is out there and reads this. Truly, I am at awe. I have no hope it might be finished but if it ever was, I'd be here in a second.
Either way, thank you for this gift. You took a novel I love so so much and managed to place them in a different world, with different siblings and stories and I love them as much as I love the original. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this. It's reminded me of why we love literature, why we love to consume art and lose ourselves in stories. Thank you.

Re: Tanya's Strange Bedfellows

I've just reached chapter 12 when curiosity got the best of me and goshdarnit! It made me so indescribably sad to know that it's abandoned! So wary of continuing, knowing that it will never reach its conclusion, and I'm now resorting to savour each chapter by reading ever. so. slowly. and. ever. so. carefully. This is one time that I would prefer to be blisfully ignorant.

Re: Tanya's Strange Bedfellows

savor it for sure! but know that the cliffhanger is not unbearable in terms of darcy and elizabeth's relationship so dont worry

Re: Tanya's Strange Bedfellows

I needed the reassurance - you have no idea how much that tidbit of info calmed me (was pretty distressed scrolling down this thread) onward I go!

Re: Tanya's Strange Bedfellows

yeah trust me, the big conflict is resolved, its more of like a minor plotline that comes up not relating to their relationship :))) and ik as i was reading id scroll down and be so happy when i saw "click here to read more of the story" so sad itll never be updated but we're really lucky with where it ended

Re: Tanya's Strange Bedfellows

All right! So you're saying there were no major unresolved issues.. and they were plausible enough to have a happy ever after? *bites nails nervously*

Re: Tanya's Strange Bedfellows

For me, it's resolved, but just short of totally happily ever after. I'm resigned to it never being updated. And if it is ever concluded it would have to find a new home! I'm thankful for Renee for keeping this site up.

Re: Tanya's Strange Bedfellows

I've reached the end and- what can I say- I'm already starting to feel tell-tale signs of withdrawal syndrome.


At one point I felt let down by Darcy, so disappointed was I that I couldn't really bask in their happiness at the long awaited reconciliation. His instinct to drown his sorrows in the arms of Valerie/other women whenever he's in turmoil is truly, truly upsetting to me. Granted that he didn't get to actually do the deed but, still.

Re: Tanya's Strange Bedfellows


I have heard a lot about this story..where do I read it? Unable to find a working link.


Re: Tanya's Strange Bedfellows

I think Tanya's site was deleted. This is the saddest day.

Re: Tanya's Strange Bedfellows

To all of you who still would like to read the story, Tanya is posting it on AHA:)

Re: Tanya's Strange Bedfellows

That is the best news ever! I was just talking to a friend about how sad I was to think I'd never find this fic again.
What is AHA? Could you link it?


Here's its new home for those who want to read!


OMG thank you!! So does this mean she's finishing this story! How exciting!