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Re: Jan H - The Child

What is Darcy thinking? Apparently not much! I can't wait for Lizzy to lay into him for his continuing arrogance. Selfish disdain for the feelings of others indeed!


Re: Jan H - The Child

Comment originally posted by Christine:

"Oh happy day! I have been trying to get in to read this for a couple of days now-- and for whatever reason, everything kept freezing up. Thank heavens! Can you imagine my how crazy with anxiety I have been knowing there was a new JanH story and I had yet to read it?!

By the way JanH-- were you aware of the writing contest that LaurelAnn at AustenProse is sponsoring? The winner will be published in an anthology w/authors like Syrie James, Stephanie Barron, Amanda Grange, etc -- by ballantine Books. Here is the info-- I thought of you when I saw this new story-- now that I know you are writing again, maybe you can write something for the Feb13 deadline!

So happy you are writing again. Happy day indeed!"

Re: Jan H - The Child


Does he realize the chaos he just started by finding Wickham and telling him about the child? Guess not!OMG!!! I cannot believe he had the gall to do that? Who died and made him 'God'? Ohh, that's right..he appointed himself 'God Almighty' who knows 'what is best for everyone'.

I was going to point out some of the lines that struck me the most but Sandy did better than I would do, sooo I'll just DITTO to everything she said.

What was I thinking?

I'm sure Darcy will be repeating that over and over. He really need some serious banging on the head!! The consequences of his actions will be devastating for the Bennet Family. What makes him think the child is burden to the Bennets? What would have happened if somebody tried to take Georgiana away from him if they perceived she was a burden to him?

Arrogant.. Presumptious.. Stupid.. Obtuse... Blind.. Irresponsible.. Interference... This is what comes to my mind when I think of Darcy. How will he ever redeem himself after what he has done? Whatever comes his way, he will surely deserve it! I think he just placed the final nail in his coffin...

He had destroyed my greatest hopes for happiness.

Nooo, Darcy himself is solely responsible for destroying whatever happiness he could have had...

Jan, such a 'I don't know exactly what to call' Darcy you have created here. He frustates me to no end. I cannot wait to see how you get him out of this mess! Excellent as always .

BTW, Bingley 1, Darcy -2!

Re: Jan H - The Child

What! You mean to say you think this Darcy is wrong? You know the old saying about how the mighty are fallen - well, my Darcy is digging himself a deep pit.

Thank you Renee, Malena, Sandy!, Vesna, Irene, Christine, and Lili, for all your comments. Sandy, I got your message loud and clear - LOL. And Christine, thank you for telling me about the contest at AustenProse. I doubt that I've got time to write anything by the deadline, but I'll take a look at it.

Hang in there with me. This is going to be a rough ride.

Re: Jan H - The Child

That was so much fun! I just know that Elizabeth is going to be soooooangry at Darcy for his presumption. I cannot wait to see her lay into him!

Re: Jan H - The Child

OMG! I cant believe a new story...FINALLY!!! And it is greatness so far! Cant wait for more. You have made my day!!!

btw, I cant remember but if I am correct, dont you usually write in Elizabeth's POV?! Love how it's in Darcy's this time!!!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Thank you Jan for this new story!!!!
I love all your stories and this one, in Mr Darcy POV seems to begin very well!!
Oh I can't wait another week for the next chapter!
Thanks again for brighten up my week!!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Hmm...I'm not sure if Darcy's decision to help in the Wickham's situation will be any good, as I am quite sure that the Bennets are very attached to the child. But at least he asking the ladies for a dance at the ball is helping :)

Thankfully Bingley hasn't bail out yet! But we'll have to wait and see of course ;)

Thanks for the update

Re: Jan H - The Child

I believe Darcy is acting according to his time. You can see that his plans regarding the child are very similar to what Austen describes in Emma with Emma's friend. She is being raised at a school but believed to be the daughter of a rich man and his mistress. I see no wrong in that.

Re: Jan H - The Child

You could always take a chapter or two of something you have previously posted and condense it (like a teaser)to fit the perameters. Do say you will try to enter!!!!!! What a great way to bring attention to your body of work!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Wow Jan, it sounds like Darcy has a long way to go here.
He takes it into his own hands that he's the one that needs to decide after 2 years what to do about Lydia and Wickham's babe???

Yeah, I say there's a lot more angst to come. First of all why would he even think any of the Bennets would want to see Wickham ever again, and second why would he want to even include Wickham in their life. Sounds like his 'pride' is not quite in check.

I wonder what Georgiana would have to say about what he's doing. Would she question him on if she was the one to have the babe if he would be so readily to have it gone, to give it up?

Well, I will await patiently to find out your answers.
Very much enjoying the story!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Thank you for your comments, Lucy, Mixon, Gio, Malena, and Teb! And hi, KayakChick! Glad to see you again. I do understand the distress Darcy is causing some of you, and Malena, I appreciate your saying that Darcy is "acting according to his time." I agree with that statement. We love him, though, and want him to be a better man. Keep your fingers crossed.

Re: Jan H - The Child

Well, I got interrupted and forgot to finish my message. Christina, thank you for your continuous encouragement! I looked at the guidelines for entries at AustenProse's contest, and since the deadline is very, very soon, I just simply don't have time to put something together for it. I write slowly, and short stories require a lot of attention. But I appreciate your thinking of me. Maybe next time.

Re: Jan H - The Child

Chapter 5 is up, my dears. Enjoy!

Re: Jan H - The Child

What a twist! Wickham proposed to Lizzy! Now Darcy is truly caught in his own game. Can't wait to see what great idea he can come up with!

Re: Jan H - The Child

What a twist! Wickham proposed to Lizzy! Now Darcy is truly caught in his own game. Can't wait to see what great idea he can come up with!

Good Gracious, what a mess Darcy has made of it. He is truly caught in his own game. I can not believe him to be so stupid. But Jan H, I love your story. Love this Lizzy and will be very curious to learn how she will trust this 'messy' Darcy.

Re: Jan H - The Child

Darcy keeps digging his own hole deeper and deeper.
Wickham has turned the table on him.
"Give me till the morrow"!


Re: Jan H - The Child

Talk about being thrown for a loop. I guess Darcy was his own worse enemy in what he tried to do. Obviously Wickham has no idea how Darcy feels about Elizabeth, which in itself is a good thing as the situation would probably no doubt be worse.

Darcy would be better to cut his losses now and pay Wickham to leave. Of course, we now that likely won't happen and if he did it would raise suspicion to all concerned.

I must say Darcy is truly in a dilema! I really have no clue what he could do unless he is honest with Elizabeth and offers her his hand himself. This would take the babe away from Longbourn and also put the family in a better way. But what of the way it would make Darcy look? Will he? Won't he? Can't wait to find out.

Oh my Jan, what a mess.

Re: Jan H - The Child

He is definitely not thinking straight. He does not really recognize the strength of his own feelings... And now Wickham has proposed.. Heaven! Does he truly believe that once this problem is solved (in one way or another) that Lizzy will NEVER marry... he is in so much denial there isn't a river in Africa long enough for him to take the trip...

Give him till tomorrow indeed!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Darcy, you did not expect this , didn't you? Well, what great idea will come to your mind now? How are you going to fix this mess? Hope E has a frying pan for your thick head.

Anyhow I feel a little sorry for him because it is known that the road to hell is paved with good intentions

Magnificent writing.

Thank you, Jan

Re: Jan H - The Child

Oh no, Darcy doesn't know what he's created, bringing Wickham back to Longborn.
The easiest thing Darcy could do is to propose, but I guess that would be to simple I guess. Maby Bingley can find his courage to do what Darcy should, and propose to Jane...

Thanks Jan , hope to read the next chapter soon.

Re: Jan H - The Child

Well, have certainly come up with one perfectly saucy twist. Simply beautiful. I wonder what he will do. Million thanks for the update.
Male and happy Valentine

Re: Jan H - The Child

OMG Jan! I can't believe you have come up with such a despicable Darcy!

"You must make a second attempt," I said. "Convince the family that you care for the child- that you wish to do right by her, that you demand your privileges as her father."

"Did you even ask to see her?"
"Your daughter!"
"Why should I? If the chit is not to bring me riches, of what use is she?"
And this is a man he would want to take a small child? Someone who must put on an act to act to convince the family he wishes to do right by her? Wickham already calls the child a brat and he doesn’t even know her yet! Who died and made Darcy God! Well...obviously disguise is not abhorrent to this Darcy.

"He has come for the child. Jane said he desires to raise her on his own. I find that extremely hard to believe, do you not?"
Even Bingley knows this is not right...and he doesn't have a thought unless you put it into his head, Darcy!

There, hidden from the view of most, she leaned her head against the underside of the stone bridge as though her spirit had been trampled.
Yes...and guess who is the one who trampled it! Moron!

And basically he’s telling Lizzy that 'he' (Darcy) was the one who orchestrated Bingley coming back to Hertfordshire...that Bingley wouldn’t have done it on his own. That makes Bingley look like an even bigger cad than before.

Unfortunately, he cannot ask for your sister's hand because of...well, because of the child. He must think of his own unmarried sister and restrain his desires for her benefit.
This is the same sister who thought nothing of outright lies to get what she wanted...and he’s supposed to think of her? Are all of these men morons? Darcy is trying to play on her sympathy? She must choose between Fan and Jane? If she doesn’t choose Jane then Darcy will tell Bingley not to marry Jane. No matter the period Darcy, I would term that emotional blackmail!

I staggered, suddenly fearing that I might possibly pitch headfirst into the river! "Marry? Wickham? No!" My voice erupted in a roar.
And I can only hope that band tightens enough to choke him to death. Then Wickham wouldn’t get any money and he would leave them in peace!

Lizzy is right, what is it to Darcy who she marries. Darcy admits he separated Jane and Bingley, he never told anyone about Wickham, he appoints himself judge and jury as to what should be done with Fan...all of this regardless of how anyone in her family may feel. If he were an uncle or even a cousin, I could see him wanting to involve himself but he is doing this purely to assuage his own guilt feelings.

Maybe if Bingley finds out what Darcy is trying to do to the Bennets, it will be the impetus to finally stand on his own two feet and make his own decisions.

I just have one question for Darcy...If you suffered an ailment for every wrong you committed against another how long would you live?...Choke on that!

So he has until will be interesting to see how much worse he can screw this up.

Jan, you know I'm loving this story or I wouldn't be so emotional about this Darcy. He has himself backed into a corner with seemingly no way now what? I can't wait to find out! Excellent writing! You always capture my emotions!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Happy Valentine's Day my fellow P&P lovers!

What a great twist, Jan...having Wickham ask for Elizabeth's hand. Love it! Cant wait to read what Darcy's solution will be. But not so sure if this is fair, leaving us hanging like this on V-day, lol!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Oh the metalling old fool. Darcy has managed to make it only worse. Come on Sunday. :D

Re: Jan H - The Child

I don't think Darcy's idea of sending the child to a school is bad at all, for the time. Sounds awful to me, but infants were routinely sent out to live with wet nurses for the first couple years of their lives and grade school children were shipped off to boarding schools.

I do feel sorry for him, as it's not turning out even remotely as he had intended.

Re: Jan H - The Child

Thank you, Gio, Anne, Irene, Teb, Kimberly, Vesna, Pausiniken, Malena, Sandy, KayakChick, Gio, and Julie, for all your comments! They run the gamut from understanding Darcy's desire to help by putting the child in a school to wanting to hit him over the head with a frying pan! And I don't even want to imagine what Sandy would like to do to our poor hero.

As someone said on another site, "When one finds oneself in a hole, the first thing one must do is stop digging."

Poor Darcy is going to be scrambling to clean up his mess, so please don't give up on him.

Re: Jan H - The Child

Hit him over the head with a frying pan, indeed! Talk about "out of the frying pan into the fire!" Eeeeeesh-- he has certainly made a mess of things-- and I hope he tosses and turns all night, and goes to her with his hat in hand in the morning and begs for Elizabeth himself. Surely, he can put the child in some kind family's household so that they can look in upon her from time to time, like Colonel Brandon did in S&S. Keep writing!! And I am heartbroken that I thought to message you so late about the "Jane Austen Made Me Do It" anthology.

Re: Jan H - The Child

My vote is for the frying pan! I certainly hope Darcy's judgment improves, because he's already got a lot to make up for.

I understand why Elizabeth won't give up the child to Wickham, but why do I have the feeling that she wouldn't be happy about giving up the child to someone trustworthy either? That little girl isn't happy with anyone else, not even angelic Jane.

Lovin' it, Jan!!!


Re: Jan H - The Child

Wickham is just despicable...Is this the kind of man Darcy wants the Bennets to give up the child to? What in the world is wrong with Darcy?

"Your daughter!"

"Why should I? If the chit is not to bring me riches, of what use is she?"

Not only is he arrongant but he is also stupid. To have Wickham meet him at Oakham Mount..Elizabeth's favorite place..where she can catch them??!!!

Darcy has certainly lost his mind. I thought that disguise of every sort was his abhorrence! Now he is spying, hiding behind bushes and eavesdropping. And to top it all off, Wickham proposed to Elizabeth!? Well, it was Darcy pressuring Wickham to do 'whatever' to get his hands on Fan in exchange for payment. It certainly backfired!!!

What I don't understand is why is Elizabeth taking all the responsibility for Fan. Willing to marry Wickham to keep her? Is it guilt? What about the rest of the family? Mr. & Mrs. B are just as responsible...He for letting Lydia go despite E's warnings just to have some peace and quiet in his library; and she for always encouraging L's wild behavior.

Ohhh, Darcy! He is in deeper s..t than before. I can only imagine how Elizabeth will react when she finds out it was Darcy behind all of Wickham's scheming.

Re: Jan H - The Child

Lili Ch
I can only imagine how Elizabeth will react when she finds out it was Darcy behind all of Wickham's scheming.

I agree Lili! Jan's comment above about
As someone said on another site, "When one finds oneself in a hole, the first thing one must do is stop digging."
Elizabeth finding out can only result in a deeper hole!

And Jan...the way I feel about Darcy right now....I may just be up top shoveling the dirt back in on top of him! Muahahaha

Lovin this story!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Thank you, Christina, Wendi, Lili, and Sandy, for all your comments. I think everyone of you agrees that it's the frying pan for Darcy, except Sandy, who wants to bury him alive! As for Elizabeth's relationship with the child, I think we'll see how deep it is in future chapters.

Christina, no problem about AustenProse. I just appreciate you believing I should even enter.

Re: Jan H - The Child

I just got caught up! Jan, I don't want to hit Darcy because Elizabeth will do it for me when she finds out he is behind the whole plan. I can't wait until she knows all! Thanks for the new chapter of this very fine story!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Chapter 6 is up, my dears. Enjoy!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Lizzy say, "Yes, yes, a thousand times yes".

Darcy still loves her, tell her the truth.

Wickham, what will he do now?


Re: Jan H - The Child

so *almost* romantic, Darcy, if you could manage to tell her what you feel. Gah! How long will you hide it from her??

But really, Lizzy, you must be fooling yourself to think the woman he loves is any other than you.

What a great set up you've created, Jan, for the truth of the mystery woman to be revealed. This is classic Jan. You always build skillfully towards a revealing tipping point.

Re: Jan H - The Child

How can this proposal manage to feel so steamy with no outright professions of love... Skillful writing indeed... I want to yell at her (and I was mentally) Say yes... Say yes, but ODG is nothing if not logical, and right now, his reasons don't make sense, and we all know the missing puzzle piece, it has jagged edges on one end, from a previous breakage, and it is called his heart... whew!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Dear Jan!

I'm sorry I have never commented on your stories before but I think it's better late than never. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love your writing! You are among my favorite JAFF authors, if not my absolute favorite! Reading your stories is more enjoyable than watching a movie. I read them over and over and over again. Thank you for giving us another one that keeps me on edge! I can not wait for the next chapter!

Your adoring fan,

Re: Jan H - The Child

Just a very quick note to mention this:

"The woman I love does not love me, Miss Bennet, so you see, I forfeit nothing."

Ooooh, I smell misunderstanding and heart-ache!

Excellent, excellent story.

Re: Jan H - The Child

Argh, what a proposal! Why did Darcy say he "no longer harbour any romantic fancies" towards Elizabeth, sigh....if only he declared his feelings, but of course that could be the end of this story already haha! I think there's no doubt that she will accept his proposal. But I wonder/fear if Wickham hedged his revenge.

Great writing as usual, I am SO hooked, Jan!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Darcy! Darcy! Darcy!
I hope she'll say yes.
And then we will be waiting more impatiently next Sunday.

Wonderful, exciting writing.

Thank you, Jan

Re: Jan H - The Child

You can beat me to a pulp, but it will not get that brat out of Longbourn
Ugh! Wickham is such a, slimy, contemptible creature! He's desperate enough to do anything to get that money now...the child, Elizabeth, they mean nothing... just the money! And with Darcy's actions, now he knows how Darcy feels about Elizabeth! And of course we knew Wickham wasn’t going to let this go!

To go to Mr Bennet and ask for Elizabeth’s hand when she already turned him down and told him what she thought of him...I’m so glad Darcy realized in time to get to Longbourn but I wondered if he would actually be willing to ask for her hand. You really surprised me there!
"As I said, my love remains unrequited, so no impediment exists to bar our marriage." As she walked by, her scent washed over me, setting my senses ablaze. "All you need do is say yes, Elizabeth."
Wow, the Hunsford proposal was nothing short of insulting but this one is so 'unfeeling'. He told her he did think she would be a good mistress of Pemberley
"Our situations have altered since then. I am no longer making those declarations of love and adoration that you found so...odious, Elizabeth."
This quote took me a while to realize what he wasn't saying...he didn't say he didn't love her any more...just that he wasn't making declarations of love! Very clever, Jan!

But I guess I’m not understanding Elizabeth ...I can understand why Mr. Bennet would ask if Darcy would adopt Fan; he doesn’t know the whole history...but why would Elizabeth? She knows what Wickham has done to Darcy’s family...why would she even think that Dacy would give Wickham's child his name? I always thought she was smarter than that! I’m getting more than just a little upset with Elizabeth. She’s carrying this stubbornness a bit too far, IMO. To ask Darcy to adopt Wickham’s child? Can I borrow Darcy’s shovel and use it to smack Elizabeth over the head to try and bring back a bit of sense?!!
I mean, if she wants to provide a good home for Fan...and she’s thinking of a marriage of convenience anyway, why wouldn’t she say yes? She can’t be that stupid to think that Wickham will stop his gambling and womanizing. Which home would be better for Fan to be raised in? Think of the child if nothing else Elizabeth and say yes!

Of course, if she says yes and they marry, Wickham would still be out there and even more desperate! I’m sure he would attempt to blackmail Darcy with the truth of who offered him money to remove Fan from Longbourn and started this mess!

Oh boy...this isn’t over yet by a long shot! I can’t even imagine the fireworks that will happen when Elizabeth finds out...actually I’m hoping it's after the wedding...then they have to at least deal with it civilly for Fan’s sake. Of course if it’s after the wedding, I can also see Wickham trying anything...even maybe attempt to kidnap Fan or maybe Elizabeth and Fan to get money...Oh Dear, I wouldn’t put anything past Wickham when he needs money!

Well...the way I see it, Darcy is still at the bottom of a very big hole...Elizabeth and her stubbornness is beginning to dig herself one, too...and then here is Wickham standing at the top and ready to bury them both as long as he gets Darcy’s money!

And then there was the child. The thought of Elizabeth as my wife filled me with pleasure while rearing Wickham's child as my own left a bitter taste in my mouth. Did I love her enough to take the child, too?
Poor little Fan is such an innocent child. She is 2 years old and has no idea of what turmoil is surrounding her. Does she call Elizabeth ‘mama’?....and if she does…How would Darcy react to that every time he heard it?

Oh Jan...I just love this story and all the twists and turns you are giving us. Your writing just draws me in and keeps me captivated! I can't wait to read more to see who Elizabeth will choose and what repercussions will follow! I think I need a

Re: Jan H - The Child

Misunderstanding alert!

I feel as if Elizabeth is in love with him and she does not wish to ruin his chance at happiness since he does not seem to love her any longer. Could she marry him thinking he is in love with someone else? If she refuses, will she explain why? Probably not - how could she possibly admit it after refusing him twice?

Ah, but I get ahead. SAY YES, Elizabeth, and save you both (and us) more heartache!

And if she says yes... then what? How could he hide his love for her?

What will Wickham do if she does say yes?

Oh, I can't wait to find out!

Your previous stories are VERY high on my list of favorite JAFF and this story is quickly joining them. Thanks for the update, Jan!


Re: Jan H - The Child

Wow! I can't believe that Darcy decided to ask her. Well , with Wickham's declaration of marriage I guess it really threw his doubts off.
I do hope she says yes. I can definitely understand her questions as far as him wanting to marry her and how he would feel about the child. I'm sure she feels she would be more of a burden to his family name than anything else. But if the only other choice is Wickham, well how could she say no?
As usual Jan, great writing. Now all your readers in high dudgeon

Re: Jan H - The Child

I never wish my life to move faster now that I am grown-- excepting your posting schedule which has always made me pine for the next week, and the next, and the next! Not that I'm complaining... Great chapter! I hope Elizabeth just "falls on her sword," "takes one for the family, king & country" and marries the handsome, rich, honorable master of that great estate Pemberley. Poor her, indeed.

Re: Jan H - The Child

Darcy created a monster out of Wickham! Even thou he was one already, now he is a greedy, desperate and dangerous one. But I guess Darcy made his bed so now he has to lie in it. He will have to deal w/ W who will stop at nothing till he gets $ out this whole situation.

Darcy is making decisions as he goes along. Unfortunately, most of them if not all are as impulsive as they are irrational, with the exception of Elizabeth's proposal. It drives me crazy how often Darcy changes his mind. I feel like screaming, "Make up your mind man!!!"

Did I love her enough to take the child, too?

I would simply declare my love for Elizabeth and then beg her to marry me.

"To adopt a child of Wickham's is beyond my ability,

Still the arrogant and conceited fool.
Surely, Elizabeth would see the advantage to my proposal.

She was older now and, hopefully, wiser.

Surely she would not refuse me in favour of Wickham.

I see great misery in their future. Elizabeth will think he loves another woman and Darcy will think she does not love him. This proposal is worst than Hunsford.
"The woman I love does not love me, Miss Bennet, so you see, I forfeit nothing."

Rest assured that I no longer harbour any romantic fancies toward you. Those are over, long dead and buried,...

I wish we could know what Elizabeth is thinking, both regarding her feelings toward Darcy and her sense of guilt and protectiveness towards the child.
"I told you that is not your fault. I could have warned Papá after I read the account you gave me of Wickham's dealings with your sister."

But why is Elizabeth taking all the responsibility towards Fan? I think it's guilt. But even Mr. Bennet refers all decisions regarding the child's welfare to Elizabeth as if she (E) was the mother. Strange behaviour.. Poor Fan! It's as if she is a burden to everyone except E. What about Mr. & Mrs. B's reponsibility? All, including Jane, just want to wash their hands of the problem. Probably Fan can sense E is the only one who does not reject her. It's so sad...And E has no choice but to marry Darcy; but I feel it's unfair for her to ask him to adopt Fan and give her the Darcy name.

Re: Jan H - The Child

Lili Ch
But why is Elizabeth taking all the responsibility towards Fan? I think it's guilt. But even Mr. Bennet refers all decisions regarding the child's welfare to Elizabeth as if she (E) was the mother. Strange behaviour.. Poor Fan! It's as if she is a burden to everyone except E. What about Mr. & Mrs. B's reponsibility? All, including Jane, just want to wash their hands of the problem. Probably Fan can sense E is the only one who does not reject her. It's so sad...And E has no choice but to marry Darcy; but I feel it's unfair for her to ask him to adopt Fan and give her the Darcy name.

Well Lili, if you stop and think about it, Mr. Bennet never did put forth any effort with his children, and Mrs. Bennet doesn't have the sense to even begin to do anything...that's why Lydia was allowed to grow up as she did and then go off to Brighton with no idea of right and wrong.

I have to agree with you about Fan...children can sense when they are not wanted or when there is a problem...Elizabeth is probably the only one who doesn't 'blame' the child!

I'm hoping she says yes, too! But I can see her point...she doesn't want to stop him from being able to obtain his love...not knowing she is that love!

I'm still after Darcy's shovel to smack them both on the head and wake them up! Wickham is desparate and dangerous...that's for sure!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! You are such a wonderful writer, Jan. Again, cant wait for next week.

Re: Jan H - The Child

Jan, I am sorry for not commenting before.
I am loving your story as I love your previous ones.
Thank you very much for sharing this with us.

Re: Jan H - The Child

Thank you, Lucy, Irene, Astrid, Kimberly, Rori, Gio, Vesna, Sandy, Wendi, teb, Christina, Lili, and Kayakchick for all your comments! And welcome Romi and Gidget! It's so great to hear from new readers. Gidget, I'm crazy about your name because I loved that book.

So many questions - I think they'll all be answered in what lies ahead. As someone said, this is going to take a while to get sorted out, so hope you'll stay with me.

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