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Re: Jan H - The Child

I've been reading your story at DWG. I just love it, Jan. Darcy is trying desperately to help Elizabeth, but being the social ostrich that he is, he is going about it in the wrong way. Proposing is his first step in the right direction. Yes, she'll find out he found Wickham and was going to pay him to take the child, but love will conquer all. Unless you're going to be REALLY mean to us. ; )

Re: Jan H - The Child

Robin Helm
...but love will conquer all.

Jan, please say Robin is right! I am so glad that he proposed even if it was not too tenderly done. Well, he did the best he could! I love not having Wickham in the child's life but will he attempt to get something out of the deal? I love this story, Jan. Of course I do. I love all your stories!

Re: Jan H - The Child

I'm loving this story.

How could Darcy not at least give a better hint that he still loves Lizzy? I know he's unsure of himself, but geez... "had I flattered you..." (Hunsford proposal) at one point he seemed to understand that flattery can help a proposal along. Has he forgotten?

Please give us more!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Thank you, Robin, Lucy, and Greatreader for your kind comments! I do hope love conquers all. I'm having some trouble with Elizabeth's attitude right now, and for good reason, but hopefully she'll fall for Darcy in spite of his failings.

Re: Jan H - The Child

Chapter 7 is up, my dears. Enjoy!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Jan, you know I love your writing and I am sooo excited about this new story. Thanks for quenching our thirst for more angst. What is wrong with us?

Re: Jan H - The Child

Oh Jan...I've been waiting for this all day! And what a chapter! To say the opening sentence shocked me would be an understatement! And Darcy silencing Caroline is even more of a shock! Sorry'll never mistress of Pemberley now so believe it!!

As for Wickham-two brawny stable hands from Netherfield and I routed him from the county with naught but empty threats on his part. I dismissed his remarks, for I knew him to be a coward, one who preyed on young women but far too fearful to face a man.
Believe that if it makes you feel good, Darcy! Wickham is desperate and now he is even more desperate...he thought you cheated him before but it's nothing to what he is feeling now! He is a very dangerous man and you just can't see it!

We planned to leave for London directly, taking the child with us.
Oh Dear! I notice he doesn't ever call her by name...she is only just 'the child'.

My conceited assurance
...did Darcy just say he had conceited assurance? Wonder of wonders!!! and then....
Silently, I told myself to be patient, knowing full well that I did not possess that particular virtue.
...did he also just say he had no patience?...My My! He certainly has faults to spare, doesn’t he?

I'm not surprised that Elizabeth was only interested in having in writing that Darcy would always provide for Fan. Why would he expect any different...wasn't that why she was marrying him...the reason he gave for her marrying him...not love or affection but for 'the child!'

How long will that child come between us?
Darcy's resentment just builds and builds...does he expect Elizabeth to go from despair to his bed just because he said he would take care of 'the child?'

Darcy loves to wallow in self-pity and anger...
Wickham for straddling me with his offspring and Elizabeth for failing to appreciate the honour I had done her. run away again to your club...tell your wife drink too much and continue to blame everyone else! Have you learned nothing at all? Seems that all Darcy can think about is his favors to Elizabeth. I've got news for him, if this is all he feels, then he doesn't deserve her. Maybe he should have married the likes of Caroline Bingley...but he needs to understand that Elizabeth is not some unfeeling woman of the ton!

For all she knows, he married her to keep her from a fate worse than death at the hands of Wickham. No professed love or affection.

And what would he expect her to think? He can’t be so blind as to think she wouldn’t want to make sure Fan was well taken care of and settled. No matter who the child was...dense...dense Darcy! So he runs away again when things aren’t ordered to his exact specifications!

I sat ramrod straight as though a poker had been inserted into my backbone,
Actually, I was thinking of some other part of his anatomy! *snicker*

"Yes," I said slowly, "the storm appears to have passed."
"For now, at least."

At least until Darcy decides to allow his emotions to override his sense...again!

I actually see Elizabeth as being very confused, yet, women had few rights and could only refuse or accept dances and proposals. Her options are limited right now...Wickham or Darcy. Naturally, after what Wickham has done to the family she would choose Darcy. But she is in a world she doesn't know...she is fearful, confused and apprehensive. At least this is how I see her.

Maybe I can make a better decision on Elizabeth after some more interaction. It is good that once she had some concrete information, that he didn't have a mistress and would not, she decided that she could join him for dinner and not remain separate. I'm hoping that is a good sign.

Now...what is Wickham going to attempt next! And we haven't heard from Darcy's family yet, either! Oh Dear!

Being done in Darcy's POV, we know nothing of Elizabeth' thoughts and we have to rely on Darcy's interpretation of things to make a conclusion. And we know how good he is at reading people!!! LOL!

Love, Love, Love it Jan and can't wait for more!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Also hoping the storm has passed - at least temporarily! These two really need some perspective (and conversational) exchange if they desire a "real" relationship and marriage. Love it Jan - looking forward to the next!!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Just say yes and marry and then when Wickham tells what Darcy tried to arrange she will be stuck with him regardless.

Can't wait for Ch 7

Re: Jan H - The Child

Okay so chapter 7 was already posted. So Elizabeth joined him I'm glad he didn't storm out the front door.

Heres to hoping the storm clouds stay away for a little any way. :D


Re: Jan H - The Child

Darcy is so full of anger. If he doesn't accept Fan and treat her more lovingly, poor Lizzy will never be accepting of him.
I know in those days, children were supposed to be seen only rarely but Darcy needs to give in a little even if Fan does remind him of Wickham.


Re: Jan H - The Child

Oh dear, Darcy with his pent up anger and frustration is not going to make things easy. But at least Elizabeth now knew that he has no mistress and is fully committed to her. So that's a good start when she joined him for dinner. Hope the peace will at least be for quite awhile so they can get to know each other better :)

Re: Jan H - The Child

Today they both need frying pan. Talk, people, talk!
Storm passed? - it's beginning.

I enjoy this story very much, they are just so yours L and D. Thank you.

Re: Jan H - The Child


Storm passed? - it's beginning.

We had a bad storm here a couple hours ago with tornado warnings and hail but even though the winds and rain were ferocious, we didn't get the least close to us.

What made me chuckle is that just as I was reading your comment, the sky darkened and the thunder rolled again (it's still raining). So this gave me such an weird feeling! Yikes!!! It's coming around again!!

Re: Jan H - The Child

I feel that it is going to be rough goings for a while. They are so cold to each other. I do hope they find some middle ground here.
About Fran, if she is with Elizabeth why is she crying all the time? I hope she gets handed to Darcy and her nerves are soothed quickly, that would be the beginning of some kid of bond or mayhap she is named after her her grandmother for a reason and she will continue to wail.
How awkward for everyone involved her. Did the banns get posted or was it to quiet of a wedding?
What about Darcy's family when will they decend upon the newly weds?
Elizabeth ended up in Darcy's room, that was a hoot! She subconciously wants him.

Re: Jan H - The Child

Love the story so far. It's a FMS without the FM. What an interesting twist. And since I know how the story will end, I can endure the rough waters without jumping overboard!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Ohh Jan, I feel torn. I have issues w/ Elizabeth's attitude. For some reason I feel like she is not even trying. Even thou Darcy started most of this mess, he did help E and her family to remove the "scandal" by marrying her. Jane will be able to marry Bingley, Fan will always be taken care of and the Bennets' respectability will return. She could at least be a little grateful. Besides it's not as if D is asking for his marital rights, he just wants to spend time w/ her.

The other thing that bothers me is that all the Bennets, including Jane, are being selfish. It was easier just to "dump" the child's responsibility to Elizabeth so they can go back to the way they were before Lydia eloped. And I'm extremely curious as to why does Elizabeth feel herself responsible for Fan? I do not understand that!

Now, was Elizabeth jealous? I wonder!

Those two really need to talk to each other, otherwise they will never be happy. E is jumping to conclusions and acting accordingly and D is being very angry and resentful. They've got a loooong way to go.

Re: Jan H - The Child

It is hard not to feel disappointed for Darcy and accept he feels rather neglected, especially since the wedding night of his dreams is still just a dream. But I can sympathize w/Elizabeth a little, a very little... in regards to her needing to just need a little time to de-compress. Who wouldn't be suffering from tactile overload after being locked in a carriage w/a needy, cranky, young child, then having to soothe the child again once in the new home. Not quite the easy transition for this marriage -- w/someone she believes really doesn't love her anymore, etc etc etc. I am sure she is a bit overwhelmed and trying to figure out how she is going to fit into this household w/out losing her dignity. Great chapter JanH! BTW-- just saw that Arranged Marriage & The Journey are being published this year! O happy day!!!!!! Will def be ordering my copies!! Congrats!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Hi, Cindy, Sandy, Terry, Geri, Irene, Gio, Vesna, Teb, Opehlia, Lili, Christina, and Fiona, and thank you for your entertaining comments!

I know you're frustrated with Darcy and Elizabeth right now. On another board, some are even critical of little Fan. I will say there's a bit of lightness ahead, beginning in Chapter Nine. Don't give up on me!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Jan H
Don't give up on me!
Your stories are always so well written and I love them.

I did think of something, though. Darcy hates Wickham so much but what did Wickham really do to him?

Seems like what he has done to the Bennet family is far, far worse than anything he did to Darcy. Darcy's sister is married, he had Wickham out of his life for good. Wickham is only back because Darcy brought him back.

Now, poor little Fan has done nothing to him...yet he can't even call her by name. WAKE UP DARCY!!!!!

OK...I'm bringing out the

Looking forward to more!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Please include me as one of the avid readers of this story. I'm eating it up with two spoons.

Chapter 7 has been my favorite so far. Yes! They're married and have to find a way to go forward together. I can feel Darcy's frustration, as I believe that Elizabeth is hiding behind the child a bit. Their spat at the end of the chapter did much to clear the air, adjust Elizabeth's misconceptions, but they have so far to go. And I want to be with them to the end, or their beginning.


Re: Jan H - The Child

Jan trust me we will never give up your beautiful story, any of them.
Fan is a two-year old child who has an anchor in Elizabeth. I hope that one day, when he opens, she will find the same in Darcy.

Sandy, the storm you spoke about was on our TV, it looked awful.

Re: Jan H - The Child

Jan! I absolutely love your stories! I like the way you write from the perpective of only Darcy (or Elizabeth in other stories). Please, don´t make us wait too long for an update.

Re: Jan H - The Child

Thank you, Sandy, Lucy, Vesna, and China! I appreciate your kind comments so much. China, I try to post every week, so look for a new chapter soon.

Re: Jan H - The Child

Chapter 8 has just been posted, my dears. Enjoy!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Good Grief Darcy! Get the stick out of your posterior and lighten up! I really get the feeling that Lizzy is trying to tease and bring a little liveliness to the evening and he is just so resentful of anything that doesn't have her in his bed even though he is doing nothing to move toward that end.

"I am not in the habit of being awakened by an unruly creature pulling at my hair."
Awareness of what must have occurred washed over her countenance. "And is it your general habit to sleep in the library, sir?" only has his staff found out that his marriage is a sham...he also gives the impression that he can't stand to sleep in the room next to hers. And his yelling at an inquisitive and innocent child and calling her a creature certainly isn't going to win him any brownie points! Wonder how he would have felt if someone called his sister a creature at that age?

a growing resentment settled in my heart toward the child. If not for her, my wife's attentions might be gracious and warm, rather than mocking. If not for her, I might have awakened in my own bed with my wife lying in my arms. If not for her...
Oh yes, I began to resent Wickham's spawn. Unfortunately, as the weeks of my marriage passed, the deeper my resentment grew.
What he is too blind to see is that it is that resentment that is the whole problem. Because of it he can't even begin to think of them as a family which means there is no warmth or friendly interactions. Lizzy is largely ignored or at least she isn't given the respect that she should have. Why should she think that he wants anything more than a marriage of convenience.

Tell me, sir, exactly what is her place? The day you sought my hand in marriage, you said Fan would have a place at your table. Were you sincere? Or is she to be kept in the distant recesses of the house, brought out only on Boxing Day to greet the servants?"
Bravo Elizabeth!!

Looking up, I saw that my rejection stung,
Of course it stung you dolt! You reject everyone and everything to do with her. She is truly treated as nothing more than his property so why he should think she should feel more is beyond me. What will it take?

Rearing a ******* in your house will taint your name for generations."
I’m surprised Elizabeth didn’t punch her lights out! And Collins is out there feeding this, I’m sure. Hope something happens to prevent him from inheriting Longbourn...maybe one of those famous ‘Fatal Carriage Accidents'? LOL!

But of course, Darcy’s relatives are so kind and honest and considerate and loving...certainly they are much better than...what was it he used to describe Fan...
How can she take her place in society if she is allowed to grow up wild and untamed? She will embarrass us at every turn!"
Why would Fan embarrass anyone...Lady Catherine does quite well on her own! Arriving unannounced and uninvited...and good grief...the harridan even lied to her own brother! It will be interesting to see how the earl reacts once Lady Catherine is gone.

Still, I think Darcy is a very selfish ‘creature’! He has shown no warmth or caring for anyone but himself! His resentment is so deep that he can’t see that Mrs. Abernathy merely spoke friendly to Fan and she became a very friendly and well-behaved 2-year old. The child is frightened of him...period! She knows he doesn't like her. Children can sense these things. What is it going to take for him to begin to attempt to thaw...cause if he doesn’t...then Lizzy needs to apply for sainthood to put up with him!

How does any of this compare to how he and Georgiana were raised? Maybe when they get to Pemberley Mrs Reynolds can cut through the ice and resentment that consumes Darcy. Something has to shake him up because he is becoming no better than Wickham and his resentment for Darcy!

And Wickham is still out there! I was afraid he would try something when Lizzy went to her aunts alone.

Oh Jan...there is so much going on and so much that can happen! I’m just so anxious to see what is going to happen next! Excellent writing as usual! I can already tell this will be another JanH story I will read again and again. And congratulations on getting 2 of your stories published. Definitely gotta add them to my kindle and our Library, too!

Re: Jan H - The Child

William is never going to win over ODG with that attitude.
And poor Fan, at least Mrs. A seems like a good choice.
Aunt Cat., I'm glad Darcy defended Elizabeth in front of her.


Re: Jan H - The Child

Poor Mr. Darcy, his Aunt is not entirely wrong: bringing up a ******* did taint families during the Regency Era, and would have most definitely lessened Georgiana's chances for a good marriage. All the more admirable of him, then, to stand by Elizabeth. And good for him to get the good woman Mrs. Abernathy,as even Elizabeth conceded that Fan is "spoilt rotten". As her social standing is rather shaky, Fan would need to have excellent manners and education to balance that.

I hope Elizabeth stops referring to Fan as "my child", though, as I (along with Mr. Darcy) look forward to the sweet happily everafter when she has her own child. Their child. It's going to be a long and bumpy road, but so worth the wait. Thanks, Jan!

Re: Jan H - The Child

"Come now, sir, you must understand when I am teasing, or this marriage shall prove quite tedious."

Love your Elizabeth, JanH! Lines like that are just delicious. Another great chapter.

Re: Jan H - The Child

I say things are looking good! Even though Darcy is still behaving like an ass, but at least he is attuned to Elizabeth's feelings and willing to calm down and reason with her. Hope the nurse he has engaged is a truly nice lady. I think after witnessing how Darcy came to her defence in front of Lady C, Lizzy would be more appreciative now (i truly hope!!). Thanks for another great chapter!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Well, I for one am glad Darcy was upstanding when it came to his wife, concerning his aunt's behavior. The fact that his uncle stayed behind to leave with Richard was also most satisfying and Elizabeth pointing out the door and Catherine's carriage was the coup de grace. Bravo Elizabeth. I hope D&E can at least come to some common ground after this.

Loved little Fran waking up Darcy like only a true toddler would. It would have been a real cute scene had Darcy decided to check himself and not yell.

Another wonderful chapter Jan.

Re: Jan H - The Child

First let me just say Thank you for this great story.

Mr.Darcy hasn't changed much,has he? He has a long way to go or is he just masking the good side of him just because his feelings are unrequitted?

I don't understand Has Lizzy softened towards Darcy? I guess no. She treats him almost with contempt and maybe she has to understand the fact that not many men would take on a wife with a child. And about the physical side of their marriage, did they discuss that they will wait. I think i will have to read again.

I can't wait to see how the story will unfold.

Thank you.

Re: Jan H - The Child

Wonderful chapter.
I was afraid that they will fight about Mrs A, but she seems nice person, otherwise Fan would not accept her.
Lady C - nothing new about her, good that E heard him.
Thank you Jan.

Re: Jan H - The Child

Jan! I absolutely love your stories! I like the way you write from the perpective of only Darcy (or Elizabeth in other stories). Please, don´t make us wait too long for an update.

I think that's what I like as well. To hear Darcy's point of view is refreshing, if sometimes annoying. I imagine entering the mind of a man is for a woman author as hard as for a man to enter the mind of a woman.

p.s. I find it funny that someone is critical of Fan. That's it. She's the villain. I knew there was a Fan behind all the problems in the original!

Re: Jan H - The Child

So, Darcy's testy that his world is revolving around a two year old. I'm hoping that he'll wise up and see that the way to Elizabeth's heart is through Fan. Usually it takes some kind of catastrophe to bond unlikely friends, so perhaps there will be a calamity in Darcy's future to open his heart to Fan, too. A very safe sort of calamity.

Two steps forward, one step back for our dear couple.

(sending thanks to Sandy for her posting instructions; very happy to be able participate in this wonderful story's comments.)

Re: Jan H - The Child

It seems readers are divided about Fan. For me, she reminds me of Lydia, with her wailing, screaming, and "spoiled" behavior (as Lizzy called it).But I do not blame Fan; she is just a child and children are not born with discipline...they are taught discipline. Therefore, I blame Elizabeth and the Bennets for not teaching her manners, discipline, and spoiling her. I think hiring the nanny was a good move even though Darcy did it for the wrong reason.

IMHO, Elizabeth is being stubborn and unreasonable. She's taking a lot but she is giving nothing. And I still ask, where are the Bennets? Ohh, that's right! Back at Longbourne in their own little world getting their reputations back.

Great chapter...can't wait for more

Re: Jan H - The Child

Thank you, Sandy, Irene, Fiona, Christina, Gio, teb, Christina Joseph, Vesna, and Ophelia! I loved all your comments. It's obvious you have strong feelings about this story.

Fiona, I agree that Fan is going to need all the manners she can acquire because Regency England had brutal rules about illegitimate girls' social standing.

Christina Joseph, just so you won't have to go back and search, Darcy did promise Elizabeth they would wait for the physical side of marriage until she was ready. And you're right, Darcy hasn't changed much even though he thinks he has. He's got a lot to learn.

Ophelia, writing from a man's point of view has literally made me pull my hair out! I've promised myself I will never do it again.

And Sandy, thanks for the congrats about publishing. That was a real surprise when Meryton Press approached me because I never intended to publish any of my work. Christine, I appreciate your shout-out on Facebook. I haven't joined the network yet, but have been told that I should. Incidentally, I left you a message at Meryton Press. You're a sweetheart!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Thank you, Lucy and Lili! I agree, Lucy, that Fan seems to demonstrate Lydia's personality. Hopefully, being reared by Elizabeth and Darcy will be a civilizing influence, if they ever get their act together and decide to work as a team.

And Lili, you have made comments more than once about the Bennets leaving Elizabeth to take all responsibility for Fan, and I agree. As we know, Mr. Bennet was never more than a lackadasical father. I imagine him even more so as a grandfather. Since Bingley has not yet offered for Jane, and she has no guarantee that he will, Darcy seems to be the family's only saving grace of what to do with Fan and, as you said, restore the family's reputation. Elizabeth says in Chapter 3 that she doesn't know why Fan demands so much of her time (is attached to her) more so than her sisters, but it seems that Fan has chosen Elizabeth as her mother. And Lizzy has always been a responsible person.

I appreciate your comments.

Re: Jan H - The Child

I'm enjoying your story, Jan. It makes my day to see a new chapter up.

Re: Jan H - The Child

Chapter 9 is up, my dears!

Dear Jan, allow me to compliment you on the harmony between style and content, in this story as in all your others, and how beautifully you know how to evoke the era. Such a pleasure to read you.


Re: Jan H - The Child

Poor poor Darcy.
I suppose they did not know that the Bingley relations would be at Netherfield. It doesn't make for a nice visit.

I love the way that you munipulated your story so that Elizabeth and Darcy have to share a room, bravo to Bingley for making it so. I wonder if Elizabeth realizes that she is in love with Darcy or is she just holding back because she thinks he loves another?

Caroline - Gah! It's good to see Darcy uphold his wife in the face of the nay-sayers.

Re: Jan H - The Child

Gosh, Jan, what a beautiful chapter!

It felt so smooth and nice, after the anguish of the previous ones. I absolutely loved how both D and E put up a united front and how protective he was of her. For once, he was very supportive about Fan, as well.

And so well written too! I'm well aware that quality in writing is the norm in your stories, but I have to say that the Netherfield scene with the Bingley sisters is a masterpiece.

And forced intimacy to the boot! I feel sorry for poor Darcy, but I do relish those forced scenarios


Re: Jan H - The Child

They're starting to understand each other and she's apprehensive but warming upto him.

"Ah, Caroline, I mused, if only there were a man for you. How much easier your brother's life would be; in truth, how much easier all our lives would be."

It's the truth isn't it. Caroline Bingley! She is one woman i hate with might.Lady C makes noise and idle threats but Miss Bingley is vile and a shrew.

I felt so sad thinking about Mr.D's plight. He wants her, desperately loves her and wants to take care of her but she has no idea! Hang on Darcy, when she realises that you love her she is going to soothe you and take away all your pain.

I have one question though.Will Mr.Darcy get to experience another "Hunsford"?

Thank you. That was a wonderful chapter.

Re: Jan H - The Child

So glad to see our favourite couple are going the right direction so far :) Their support to each other in Netherfield is heartening. But poor Darcy, has to suffer from sleeping so close to Elizabeth
Look forward to what you have planned for ODC, Jan! Thanks very much for another wonderful chapter.

Re: Jan H - The Child

Unfortunately, Darcy had to go back to Meryton and face the Bingleys but as luck would have it, he gets to share a room with his lady love.

Glad to see he defends Elizabeth in the face of such advesaries as the Bingley sisters.


Re: Jan H - The Child

I was thinking, there goes Elizabeth yet again trying to save the Bennet household. Can't they do anything w/o Elizabeth? I feel Mrs. B is always so selfish, just thinking about herlself while Mr. B is ill, she could be tending him to get well intead of wailing and screaming and making things worse. Darcy could have refused, but he didn't. I hope Lizzy can see that he will do anything for her and give him some credit.

They were able to put a united front against the Bingleys and Hursts but I know a Hunsford-type confrontation is coming when Elizabeth finds out Darcy's duplicity in the Wickham affair. I'm anxious as to when that will happen which I'm assuming it will be soon.

And speaking of Lizzy, one word comes to mind: jealousy. I believe she is jealous that Darcy 'supposedly' loves another which is why she is so indiferent to him. Stupid Elizabeth for thinking that and stupid Darcy for not telling her it is she the one he loves.

He could say that he loves her, and then she could respond she loves him too, and that would be the end of all problems...but then we wouldn't have a story, would we Jan?

I just love you story, I love how you write, I love how you describe the struggles that Darcy goes thru (being his POV), I love how misunderstandings and issues arise by the mere fact of "lack in communication". It is as simple as matter how much there is love, if there is no communication between a couple, it never works.

I just love it Jan!

Oh, and I loovved the giant pillow between them. Guess, for Darcy, it was the biiiiggggesttt pillow he had ever seen. That was funny!

Re: Jan H - The Child

First marriage proposal - disaster,
accusation that she run away with W - another disaster,
second marriage proposal - he said that he doesn't have romantic feelings toward her, that woman he loves doesn't love him - again disaster.
Bingley praised him for his "sacrifice", if she heard that...ughhh
So, how can she show any feelings toward him? I wouldn't.
Well, he defended her in front of the Lady C and as a couple they stood together in front of Caroline, but it is not enough.

Very beautiful story.

Re: Jan H - The Child

“I have not forgotten. You said the woman you loved did not love you. Surely, you cannot help but regret that.”
Well…he may have forgotten he said it but of course she hasn’t forgotten! It’s why she thinks he will resent ever marrying her and taking her sister’s child into their home…It’s why she is so closely guarding her own feelings because she saw what happened to Jane when Bingley left and she doesn’t want to have to suffer as she did.

Was there someone, there someone else?”

Her eyes widened at my question, and she quickly looked away. “My family’s position during the two years past has banished thoughts of marriage for any reason, much less the luxury of love. Besides, I have married for love.” I sat up straighter. “I love Fan, and because of you, she now has a home.”
Does he really believe she loves Wickham?

She looked up at my words. “My dear? That is what my father calls my mother. I suppose we are becoming an old married couple.”

I smiled as she hastened up the staircase. Not quite, Elizabeth, not quite.

Ohhh…Elizabeth is so naïve! I wonder if Darcy realizes just how naïve she really is?

“That is selfish of you, Darcy,” Bingley said, while Caroline turned away, her countenance more embittered than before.
I’d say that Darcy better caution Bingley to take charge of his sister before things get too far out of hand! Caroline intends to do as much harm as she possibly can.

Knowing we were married, Bingley assumed that we would share the spacious suite, for it was certainly adequate for two people, two people who were man and wife.
LOL! This just struck me as rather funny! I didn’t think Bingley capable of thinking that far ahead…or did he?

“Also, we must consider that not only Bingley will hear that we prefer separate rooms,” I said carefully, “but also Mr. and Mrs. Hurst…and Caroline.”

Awareness swept over her countenance.

“That...would be unfortunate,” she said slowly.
At this point I really was snickering rather loudly…my poor husband wondered what was so funny. The sight of these two talking and avoiding the subject was just too funny!

Now, if only I could bring myself to leave that pillow in its place!
Oh Darcy…I pray you do!! I think these two are becoming a little more comfortable with each other. Darcy is finding out that at least away from him, Fan is pretty well behaved…he obviously hasn’t made the connection that ‘the child’ is reacting to his dislike in the only way she knows how. And I love the united stance as a couple against his relations and even against the likes of Caroline Bingley and Louisa Hurst. Somehow, I think that this united front will be tested again and again because I doubt if the Bingley sisters are through, yet!

I know she did not read it, however, for as I took a turn about the room, I saw that she held it upside down.
I was rolling on the floor laughing after this. I wanted him to bring it to her attention to see how she reacted when she realized what a fool of herself she was making! LOL!

I could only dream, and mercifully, dream is what I finally did.
And I hope they were pleasant dreams in which he told her of his love!

This was very interesting….each is willing to do what they can to make sure that gossip from the likes of Caroline Bingley and Louisa Hurst doesn’t happen. Their actions and their responses to Caroline and Louisa are doing nothing but surprising each of them…but frustrating the Bingley sisters and Caroline in particular.

So…do Caroline and Louisa know that Bingley is there to ask for Jane’s hand…and what is taking him so long to get it accomplished!

And what of Mr and Mrs Bennet? Is Mr Bennet really that sick and why would Mrs Bennet think that she would be turned out in the hedgerows with Darcy as a son-in-law? Something more is happening I fear. And yet…through all of this…Wickham is still out there and we know that he isn’t done with Darcy, yet!

Oh Dear…having to stay beneath Bingley’s roof with the likes of his sisters is not conducive to good marital felicity. And Darcy did promise her
“I shall never allow anyone to speak to you that way again.”

Well…he is trying to head off Caroline, but if Mr Bennet is sick for too long, I suspect Caroline will manage to arrange many situations or conversations so that she can speak to Elizabeth in just that way!

I see trouble ahead from the Bingley sisters and Wickham…but will it serve to bring the two of them closer in order to combat it? Oh let it be so!!
Jan, I love this story so much. You build a scene and I just fall into it and can’t get enough! Can’t wait to see what the morning brings! Love, Love, Love it!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Jan, thank you for the new chapter. I loved it.
I was proud of Darcy when he took the time to help ease Elisabeths' feelings after the harsh words of Lady C.
I was so glad to see Darcy and Elisabeth acting as a front towards Caroline and Louisa. And I thank Bingley for putting them in the same rooms.
But I'm afraid that trouble is waiting round the corner. I hope it won't be Caroline who will find out the news of the encounter between Darcy and Wickham. She would really enjoy telling that to Elisabeth.
Oh I can't wait for the next chapter to arrive. I hope Darcy has delicious dreams in the meantime.

Re: Jan H - The Child

Beautiful chapter, Jan. Just beautiful!

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