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Re: Jan H - The Child

Very poignant scene in the church. I could feel Darcy's despair, and the lightening of his load once he shared his anguish with the rector.

Fan's Papa has found her and is taking her home. Lovely, absolutely lovely chapter, Jan. Thank you!

Re: Jan H - The Child

I’m back from the beach! Hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday. Thank you so much for all the comments. It felt like I came home to find an Easter basket spilling over with kind words!

I’m pleased that some of you became a little teary about Darcy’s change, because I felt that way writing this chapter. We all love the character beyond reason, and it’s hard to write him from the first person view because it makes him vulnerable. I’ve always adored the fact that for most of P&P he didn’t seem vulnerable. He was aloof, arrogant of course, but almost mysterious because Jane Austen didn’t reveal much about his inner turmoil. It made me want to really know him, to open him up and see what made him tick. I didn’t realize how hard a task that would turn out to be.

Many of you mentioned forgiveness and/or redemption, and Ophelia, your remarks really touched me. I never set out to portray my particular world view, but I guess it cannot help but come through. Redemption stories always get to me because I know how many times I’ve needed someone to forgive me. And I, too, love Splatt’s story, A Fair Prospect, so I can appreciate the irony. Your expression that a sympathetic string binds us all together is so true. That’s just one of the things I love about JA readers.

Re: Jan H - The Child

That chapter ending just melted my heart. I have understood that Fan was hard to control because she had been thrown into a scary new situation but her growing attachment to Darcy is sweet and probably shows Fan's true nature. I look forward to seeing Wickham punished and think Maggie is misguided but not malicious. Good job, Jan!

Re: Jan H - The Child

The post below is from Ophelia:

Originally Posted by Splatt

My first reaction upon starting to read? Woo hoo, it's from Darcy's point of view!!! I LOVE it!

As expected, this story has all the signs of being yet another Jan H classic, with a beautifully emerging plot, perfect characterisations and lovely dialogue. What a lovely way to spend Sunday afternoon; thank you so much, Jan. [end of quote]

I agree with comments above. I actually find myself sympathetic to Darcy, and I wonder if it's because story is told from his point of view. Jan is able to convey his inner struggles, conflicts and deep remorse. As usual, highly creative plot. Compelling story. Jan, you remain one of the best, and your unique voice is one that you stay true to. I admire the consistency of a particular world view in your stories which always includes redemption and forgiveness. (The irony of writing that comment today, Easter, does not escape me, although I'm not a Christian.)

p.s. I just read "A Fair Prospect" by Splatt this week, which I loved, and now I find myself agreeing with her comments. Another irony. Seems there's a sympathetic string which binds us all together.

Re: Jan H - The Child

God works in mysterious ways!!!!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Janh, what a lovely chapter!
And that last sentence (he lost his heart for the second time), Oh my God, it is priceless.
Delightful story.
Can´t wait for more

Re: Jan H - The Child

Oh, how I loved this chapter, even though there was a lot of anger and anguish in it.
Fan is finally brought back to Elisabeth. She will be the one that nears the gap between Elisabeth and Darcy and she has started already. So sweet, embracing them both, while Elisabeth and Darcy feel awkward.
I’m glad everything is out in the open between Elisabeth and Darcy.
I had to laugh at the comment Elisabeth made about Darcy being the most wilful man she had ever known. She is as wilful as her husband appearing at Cutter’s Wood even though Darcy had forbidden her. But I guess we’ll be grateful she happens to be there in the wake of the last event.
Good work Jan, can’t wait for the next chapter.

Re: Jan H - The Child

Boy, oh boy!

Two major confrontations.

Lizzy and Darcy.

Wickham and Darcy.

Is Wickham dead? Will Lizzy ever forgive him?
Can Fan make them a family again?

Glad you didn't leave us too much of a clifee.


Re: Jan H - The Child

I loved the dialogue between Darcy and Lizzy at Longbourn. For Darcy to admit to his selfishness and his arrogance. That had to be very hard for him to do. To admit to such deceit.

“I have been like a man possessed, driven to obtain the one prize I desired, and willing to do anything to get it. I did not set out to lie, but one falsehood led to another. Before long, I had gone too far and could not see my way out.”
That is the way with all lies…one requires another and another and so on…until it grows so big it can bury you. It’s about time he decided to become an honest man!

Wow…I could almost feel Darcy’s despair when he discovered Lizzy had taken everything away with her. She totally rejected him and, actually, I can’t really blame her. After all he had done and the lies and the deceit and then to find that Fan was kidnapped and by Wickham, no less….and then to realize that Wickham wouldn’t have been there or known about Fan if it hadn’t been for Darcy….What would anyone think.
Of course, who knows what all Caroline Bingley and Mrs Hurst said when they presented her with the note. Lizzy did say that "Caroline was only too eager to bring the note to my attention." I bet she was, that witch!
It’s probably a good think they left before Darcy came back. I sincerely hope that they will be cut out of the Darcy's lives completely. They deserve no recognition even if they are Bingley's sisters.

I hope Bingley finds out just how conniving and vindictive his sisters really are, too? Not much better than Wickham. They may not have kidnapped anyone, but they think nothing of ruining people for their own amusement and care for no one but themselves.

“Papá,” Fan cried, escaping the maid’s hand and running toward me, her arms outstretched. She threw herself around my legs and then leaned her head back to smile at me. “Up, Papá!”

Naturally, I bent down to comply with her command. I kissed her cheek before she laid her head upon my shoulder.
Awwww! This scene was priceless! It brought tears to my eyes. As angry as I have been at Darcy...this just made me smile! And I could just picture Lizzy's shocked expression. Darcy had always made such an issue about Fan calling her mama…and suddenly to find him responding to 'papa'? Wow! What a change!

Darcy’s habit of doing things his own way just gets him into more and more trouble. Lizzy had found Fan’s ribbons going toward Cutters Wood but Darcy still didn’t want to admit that Wickham had her so he chose to ignore it to cover up all the lies he had told so far.

I knew when he left that Lizzy would follow…and I’m glad she did. But Jan…my heart stopped when Wickham shot Darcy! I can only hope Wickham now lies dead at the bottom of the ravine…but what about Darcy? Maybe Bingley followed them, too?...I hope! Oh Dear….somehow I don’t think they will make it to Pemberley any time soon. I can only hope he makes it back to Netherfield and Lizzy and Fan will become his nurses!...Please?

Jan…you are giving us another excellent and well written story…but…how will we survive waiting while Darcy is bleeding in the middle of nowhere for a whole week? Noooooooo!!

Re: Jan H - The Child

I'm so glad that Lizzy finally learned the truth and she seeemed to be softening towards Darcy, esp with Fan's help. The fact that she was there at Cutter's Wood speaks volumes

Can't wait for next Sunday's update!! Thanks, Jan!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Hopefully we have seen the last of Wickham and the Bennets and Darcy can get on with their lives.

Hopefully getting shot in the shoulder and finding fan will bring our young lovers closer.

Re: Jan H - The Child

An absolutely superb read! Can't wait for the next chapter to see what happens since Darcy has been shot.
Please don't keep us waiting longgggggggggggggg!U3FY

Re: Jan H - The Child

Fan is going to be upset when she learns her papa has been injured. I hope Wickham is dead but it's probably take some time for Elizabeth to forgive Darcy. Thanks for the very exciting chapter, Jan!

Re: Jan H - The Child

I went back to read that ransom note from Wickham, and I am a little surprised that Elizabeth became so angry merely from reading it. After all, it was Wickham and the note seemed to accuse Darcy without specifically pointing out what he had done. As Bingley surmised earlier when he saw the note, it could have meant Wickham still blamed Darcy for not receiving the living earlier and was now using the child to get it.

"Darcy, I have the child. We had a bargain, and you have failed to honour it, but now you will. If you wish to conceal the truth of what you have done from Elizabeth, and if she ever hopes to see her niece again, you will hand over the fortune we agreed upon.
Your search will turn up empty, so do not waste your time. Wait for further notice of when and where you are to deliver the funds.
G Wickham"

Elizabeth seemed to have assumed the very worst of Darcy even before he confessed. She also seemed to not have been impressed with him when he kept his promise and showed up with Fan in tow. After reading that note, I would think she would have expected to see him come back alone. To see him in the carriage with Fan in his lap -- why didn't she run to him and say how glad she was he had gotten the child from the clutches of the kidnapper -- because even if he had paid Wickham, would that not count for something?

Just fussing a bit with Elizabeth whom I have felt throughout is keeping Darcy as much at arms' length as possible. I guess it's her fear of feeling too much? Thank goodness Darcy was shot. The poor man will need to be injured and nearly helpless before Elizabeth gives him a break. Darcy is also fortunate to now have Fan in his corner. She's decided who her parents are and she is not a young lady to be denied.

Re: Jan H - The Child

oh, what the f***!!!!
So, I've started reading this story some time ago, but I kept being behind with the chapters... and today, when I finally catch up.... DARCY IS SHOT AND HALF DEAAAAAD???!?! so noooooo way!

beg your pardon, ladies, but I really neeeded to let it out someway!
and now, on with my comment, hard task, as I kept smiling/crying/laughing and so on all the time!
I see that Fan has everyone wrapped around her little finger (and not only Elizabeth and Darcy, I'm talking about me and I think all the other readers as well ) isn't she just the cutest of things?
and we are so lucky to have her in this story, because now I know that Elizabeth will never have the guts to leave Darcy, as it would hurt Fan too much (hey, as long as they are together, I'm positive they can overcome anything, bullets included )

Just fussing a bit with Elizabeth whom I have felt throughout is keeping Darcy as much at arms' length as possible. I guess it's her fear of feeling too much? Thank goodness Darcy was shot. The poor man will need to be injured and nearly helpless before Elizabeth gives him a break.

as we say in Italy "gli fa vedere i sorci verdi" ("she makes him see the green rats" ) oh, but now they will have to spend a lot of time together, after all she is his wife, and he is seriously injured, and he needs some candy to heal doesn't he?

huh, any chance we are having an early post this week? I can't stand to have Darcy all bloody in the middle of the wood

and last: wickham IS dead, right?

Re: Jan H - The Child

Mama, Papa and Fan - sweet, tender moment.
Elizabeth would not be Elizabeth if she did not follow Darcy.
Thank you.

Re: Jan H - The Child

I haven't had a single moment to comment on this fantastic story, but I have been following it as eagerly as everybody else, eating my nails every Sunday in expectation, anguished when the new update did not come before Monday (you have spoiled us there!)

Even today, I have but a couple of minutes to comment, so I will only say this:

I LUUUURV this story!

I agree with all the comments about its excellence

My vote goes to: Wickham is dead.

And the Bingley sisters: what witches! I hope the story lasts long enough to see them get their comeuppance.

Great, great work.

Re: Jan H - The Child

Lovely chapter, my dear. Thank you and I will look forward to the next one.

Re: Jan H - The Child

It's a shoulder wound-- but then again people died of infection back then -- so good grief, chewing my nails down to the nubs again. Loved the sweet interaction with Papa and the child. No longer anxious about Elizabeth making it tough on Darcy-- for heaven's sake, he took a bullet for her-- she's got to forgive his "concealment." Again, wishing the week away again until your next post.

Re: Jan H - The Child

My vote goes to: Wickham is dead.

thumb up!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Thank you, everyone, for all the comments! They keep me going, and I really appreciate them. Contessa and Rori, I welcome your remarks and am glad to know you are reading the story.

I hope the next chapter answers most of your questions and concerns. Thanks for staying with me throughout this ride.

Re: Jan H - The Child

I did think Elizabeth would listen. Was the raven deep enough to keep Wickham away until help comes? Would Bingley not have listened as well? Will Lizzy have to go to help or will help come?

Did she listen and fall to the ground? Oh dear 3 more days until I get some answers.

Thank you Jan lovely story


Re: Jan H - The Child

Wow! What a place to leave it! Like many, I'm hoping Wickham is maybe dead in the ravine, and that either Bingley followed or Elizabeth will be able to run and get some help. Thank you for another wonderful chapter! I'm thrilled Elizabeth knows the truth and now the two of them can move towards having a real marriage.

P.S. I'm glad you had a good vacation! Welcome back!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Thrilling chapter, Jan! Darcy mans up to his misdeeds, Elizabeth's response is righteous anger. I bet she had a different perspective of it all once she heard Darcy and Wickham's exchange, especially right after Fan called for her Papa. Did she hear that Darcy did it because he loves her??

Poor Wickham, everyone knows that Cutter's Wood is a dangerous place!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Chapter 17 is up, my dears. And what a chapter it is! Mrs Darcy is thrilled.

Re: Jan H - The Child

They finally found their forgiveness!


Re: Jan H - The Child

Yes, Yes, and as long as I get to read it! At last they have come together! She loves him and he knows it! YAY!

Thank you! Thank you!

Re: Jan H - The Child

I think we all expected (hoped!) that they would reach a moment of accord, and it seems so close now it almost feels as if it has happened. But as we end the chapter, they're still in separate bedrooms. To be continued at Pemberley! Poor Darcy, I really wish for his sake that Elizabeth had been willing to, eh, spend a little more time in his bedroom at Netherfield now that he has his strength back.

But I get it. She has a legitimate gripe against him and his being injured doesn't wipe that slate clean. She's too smart and self-possessed to simply fall into his arms and say it's all forgiven. As eager as I am to see them deliriously happy together (I don't know if Jan plans to give us a moment like that?), I would respect Elizabeth less if she could so quickly shrug off the past simply because he says I love you. Too much other stuff, just like at Hunsford.

I also like how Darcy is shown NOT milking her sympathy for all it's worth. He must have liked lying in bed and having her read to him and be at his beck and call. But that's not the life he wants with her, and he demands that they face their issues head-on. I love this Darcy for that.

And, Fan, too --I love the way she fits into this. Kids often do offer their love easily and completely, and sometimes even to parents who abuse them. Elizabeth questions Darcy's intentions toward Fan, as she should. To his credit, it seems never to occur to him to use Fan's new affection for him as a way to manipulate Mama. Everything he feels for Fan is honest and true, no attempt to win Elizabeth by suddenly being a good father to the child she loves. He is just being a good father because that's who is.

Re: Jan H - The Child

I smiled sadly. "I said I loved a woman who did not return my love-the one truth I uttered among all my lies. That woman is you, Elizabeth, always only you."

at long last!!! was it really so hard to say?

but, oh so sweet a chapter *__* I'm sorry I can't find better words, but they are so right for each other!

I will have to find something very exciting to keep me busy this week, I really can't wait to read what's next!

Re: Jan H - The Child

As eager as I am to see them deliriously happy together (I don't know if Jan plans to give us a moment like that?),

I am positive I speak for everyone here when I say YES JAN! PLEEEEEASE!

I would respect Elizabeth less if she could so quickly shrug off the past simply because he says I love you.

I honestly would have been disappointed if it happened like that, after all we've read before...

I love this Darcy for that.

the fact that he is hot and rich doesn't hurt either
(couldn't stop myself sorry )

Re: Jan H - The Child



Re: Jan H - The Child

De-lurking to say how thrilled I am to be reading another exceptionally wonderful story by Jan H! Your style is unique and captivating: I am particularly pleased to be reading this story from Darcy's point of view. From the comments, it is clear that your writing talents are bringing joy to many, but I wanted in particular to add my own: Thank you!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Oh, Darcy, you've learned how to set aside your pride and begin anew. So has Elizabeth, both of them confessing what we knew all along, that they loved each other. So Wonderful! Jan, your Darcys are so beautifully human, love their flaws along with their charm.

On to Pemberley, please!

Re: Jan H - The Child

I think you're stories are so wonderful-thanks for the hours of entertainment. You are a gifted story teller-Mary

Re: Jan H - The Child

Poor Mr Wickham!To break his crown in manner of Jack and Jill! And poor Mr Darcy! For ever tied to make love only at Pemberley!LOL
Thank you for a lovely chapter. I hope you already have some other story just as entertaining.

Re: Jan H - The Child

Yay! Ding Dong the Wick is dead!! He was such an inhuman being I can’t feel a bit sorry for his death only rejoice that he can’t hurt Elizabeth or Fan again!

“His parents died some time back,” I said softly. Wickham had no one...other than the child he did not want.”
What a sad ending. Darcy’s father had such high hopes for him and look how he ended up.

Seeing the child had done me great good like a medicine. I had not realized how hungry I was to view her sparkling brown eyes and hear the infectious giggles that erupted quite frequently. And when she called me Papá, it warmed my heart as much as it had upon hearing it for the first time.
I can’t get over how Darcy has changed toward Fan. So different from when he first met her.

“I will tell you when I have done enough.”
Actually, by the time he had gotten to this part, I was hoping he would get sick. This sounded so much like his aunt Catherine I wanted to smack him. If he has any hope of ever having a happy marriage, he needs to stop the proclamations and begin to work as a couple for the good of both.

“I do not pity you. When I learned that you and Wickham had conspired together, I—I tried to hate you, William!” A sob escaped her, and she placed her fist to her lips. “But I could not. For all your false actions, I could not hate you.”

I held my breath. I had come closer to losing her than I feared.

Yes you did…you conspired with the devil and almost lost the one thing you valued most! Elizabeth truly did have 2 children on her hands and she still does to a certain extent. Darcy’s lies and half-truths have made the whole situation very confusing for Elizabeth. She doesn’t know what to believe.

I suspect that Darcy will still have a lot of ground to make up and I can’t even imagine what will happen with his own family or even those of Caroline Bingley’s ilk. Darcy needs to learn to share everything with Elizabeth and to lose some of his aunt Catherine’s personality. They have a long trip to will be interesting to see how they manage once they are there.

You have given us such a flawed Darcy...more so than most. Disguise has been his constant companion rather than an abhorrence and his own pride and vanity have allowed him to make decisions for people he had no right to make. Elizabeth fell in love with him before she found out about his conspiring with Wickham. When she married Darcy, all she knew was that the one person who loved her was Fan and Darcy’s dealings with Wickham almost lost her Fan. She is right…perhaps they can start over at Pemberley, removed from the lies and the heartbreak that has surrounded them at Netherfield. Fan loves her Mama and her Papa…maybe they can truly become a family.

I really love this story Jan as I love all your stories and can’t wait for more to see how our little family is faring!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Oh, how I LOVED this chapter! The scenes with Darcy and Fan are absolutely heartwarming. And I am so glad that our dear couple finally declared their love to each other. Thank you so much.

Re: Jan H - The Child

Thank you, everyone, for all the kind comments. And thank you, Kathryn Ann, for de-lurking! It's always extra pleasing when a new reader speaks up. I can safely say that all cliffies are over because the next chapter is the last.

See you Sunday.

Re: Jan H - The Child

Ahh...finally! :) I do agree wholeheartedly that ODC should start anew at Pemberley. I wonder if what Darcy had done is ever made known to Bingley??

Anyway, a very beautiful chapter, brought tears to my eyes when Lizzy finally declared her love :)

Yay for no more cliffies! But I'm sad that next chapter will be the last. Look forward!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Thanks for the new chapters, Jan! I loved the transition from Elizabeth's anger to love. I agree that they should start anew when they get home. I am glad Fan is acting as if she is happy and secure and no longer acting out. The DArcy family should be a happy one!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Jan, I love your story and wait for the new chapter impatiently every week! Therefore I'm a little upset that the next chapter will be the last... I hope to read more about Lizzy and Darcy's life after they made amends.
Well, all I can do is to be thankful for this wonderful story and wait for you posting a new one!

Re: Jan H - The Child


I found this wonderful story last night and have read it straight through. It has recognizable elements from some of your others. I count myself lucky in my timing, being able to read it from beginning to end nearly without a break.

Thank you!


Re: Jan H - The Child

Re: Jan H - The Child

I am sooooo sad it's over! I anticipated the new chapters every week, refreshing my screen repeatedly for hours on posting days. I should say thank you and praise you Jan for a job well done but all I can find in my heart to say is waaaaaaah! I can't even beg for an epilogue since that was too perfect. Maybe a sequel? Hehe.

Re: Jan H - The Child

It is so beautiful, the beginning, the middle, and the end! Thank you, Jan, for this wonderful story. We suffered thru some angst but it is all worth it to see ODC so happy in their marriage. I like that Lizzy's persistence paid off eventually with Lady C's visit to Pemberley and her interaction with Fan :)

Look forward to more stories from you, Jan!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Jan, I am sad that the end has come. This story, as all of your stories, are so well written. I've enjoyed this story and will be reading over and over again in the future.


Re: Jan H - The Child

A most fitting end to a lovely love story! I like how you close out everyone's story, including Lady C and Caroline. Darcy's determination and generosity is matched by Elizabeth's patience and kindness. With parents like this, the child had little chance to grow up to be anything other than delightful. Nurture making the best of nature.

Re: Jan H - The Child

Jan, Thank you so much for the beautiful ending to your story. Sometimes the story mad me cry, be angry and laugh, and that's a good thing.


Re: Jan H - The Child

I very much enjoyed reading this story Jan.

Glad it all worked out well.
I really like how Darcy excepted and loved Fan as his own in the end & that there will be no retaliation on Wickhams part is an extra bonus.

It all came together beautifully, thanks for the good read!

Re: Jan H - The Child

Fitzwilliam Darcy and the killing of the pillow
at least it was for the best of the causes! That scene, it was just perfect! so sweet and yet entertaining (trust Elizabeth to make someone laugh at the oddest moments )
and a great metaphor too of how they managed to overcome the wall of misunderstandings they had built.

as for the rest of the chapter, simply the perfect ending to a wonderful story. I really enjoyed it, so Jan, thank you very much for sharing

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