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Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Hi Tracey!

THANK YOU!!! Thank you so much for posting this beautiful chapter, it was worth the wait!!! Loved the proposal scene with the tea lights, how romantic our Darcy is! Can hardly wait to read the next chapter, well done you!!!

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Darcy is so romantic and such a mushy fellow! it is indeed quite a transformation from the old days
I can't wait to see what Tracey, you have for us in the next part of the finale!

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

I thought it was a mirage when I saw this post!! At last!! And worth the wait. Lovely, simply lovely. Many thanks!

It's magic!

Thank you Tracey!

I agree with Lizzy - this is absolutely magical.

Great chapter!


Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

I read it all in one long wonderful day (I was so hooked on it that I even had my lunch in front of the computer...)
I can't believe I missed this story, but I'm glad I did, so I could read it all in one go (eagerly waiting for the last part!)
What can I say? It's wonderful, one of my favourite P&P ff so far.

Thank you Tracey!

...and thank you Renée for hosting it in this WONDERFUL site


Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

...and thank you Renée for hosting it in this WONDERFUL site

Thank you, Lella for your lovely compliment.

Second half of Chapter 23

And just to let you know, Renee will be posting the second half by the end of the week! I'm just tweaking a few things for a very... detailed... scene.


Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

I'm just tweaking a few things for a very... detailed... scene

It so happens that I'm reading part 2 as I type this message... with red ears... Gosh, Tracey, I admire you in many ways, as you are well aware, but there are very few FF writers I know who have the ability of writing scenes you are referring too with so much passion, sweetness and humour at the same time... All one needs is love...

Well, my dears, has your interest been piqued? Excellent! Just two more nights and you can read for yourself... *evil grin*

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

We shall indeed have a VERY VERY good weekend... Thanks Tracey... and oops..please accept my apology for not thanking YOU my dearest Mrs Darcy for for fabulous site....


Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

thanking YOU my dearest Mrs Darcy for for fabulous site....

You're very welcome, my dear Ima. I'm just happy that you're having so much fun here. People like you keep me going.

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Chapter 23, part 2 is up, my dears. You are SO going to enjoy it!

Don't forget to express your love for Tracey's fabulous story!

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

OK, I havent read it yet because I am at work but I am sooooooo excited that you posted it today. Since today's my birthday and in honor of it, and of Tracey, and since you posted it today Renee, I think I will contribute money to your awesome site right now!!!

Oh, and of course, I will read Part 2 tonight...

Happy Birthday!

OMG, I'm so pleased it's your birthday and I get to post this chapter for it! Well, then, I dedicate it to you!!!!!

Happy Birthday! I definitely hope you enjoy the chapter!

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

You're so sweet, Kayakchick!

Happy Birthday, my dear.

From Mr. darcy too...


Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Thanks Girls! Wow Tracey, now the dedication totally makes my day...and Renee, you chose my one and only Mr. Darcy. How did you know...thank you!

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Hot, hot, hot! *sigh* You haven't lost it, dear!

I cracked up at Lizzy's solid rock comment:

"Forty feet of solid rock? My, don't we think a lot of our equipment."

Why am I wishing I could get a glimpse what they're talking about? LOL!

So, onto the next chapter - and I'm dying to know what will ever happen to that dress???? (No, not the red one - the one from Caroline's shop!)

Can't wait to see if they break the bed!

Julie L.

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

WOW You did it again, Tracey. That was wonderful!! But is not just only the HMS, but all the love and care they feel for each other too. And sooo funny! Gee, I wouldn't mind breaking a chair o two (heck, the whole dining set) if I was going to get some of THAT...

Thank you, thank you again. Can't wait!! (figuratively speaking, you know we all really CAN wait)

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

How did you know...thank you!

Somewhere, in the back of my mind I knew! I'm glad I picked the right one, and I hope you had a lovely birthday, my dear.

Dear Tracey, you already know how much I love your story, and how thrilled I was you told us you finished it. And you did in a way suitable to a very talented author who doesn't only have a lot of respect for the characters she created, but for her readers as well. Someone who takes what she does seriously. Rather than rush into things to just get it over and done, you've taken your time and you achieved a climax (litterally and figurally ) in the best tradition of the romance genre mixed with lots of humour, delightful dialogue and stuff that most certainly stirs the imagination. And... it isn't over yet! Oh, joy! We still have one fabulous chapter to go! What a treat, Tracey. Thank you, thank you!

Obviously I love your Darcy , but I think your Lizzy is one of the most appealing to me in the fandom. Her temperament, intelligence, sweetness too, and sensuality... a thinker and a person of flesh and blood. What a partner for a man, certainly, but someone each woman would wish to be her best friend too.

Can't stop chuckling when reading this:

"Frantic?" Darcy wasn’t going to let another bout of bashfulness stop him from teasing her. "You were more like a rogue wave overtaking forty feet of solid rock!"

"Forty feet of solid rock? My, don’t we think a lot of our equipment."

I'm proud to have you here, Tracey, and very happy to call you my friend.

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Super duper HOT! Never mind the chair Lizzy, you had the best rub (perhaps more than rub in your life and you are worried about the carpet and the chair?? I love the playful bantering betw the lovebirds. It must have been quite a challenge to put so much going-ons in just one chapter, Tracey. Look forward to your next and last chapter *grin and *sob sob!

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Thank you so much Tracey that was one heck of a chapter, both parts. William is so romantic with his proposal, "only in the movies", or should I say "only in FF". And the HMS in the chair was so hot! Great job

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Tracey -

Thanks so much for finishing your story! I learned about Action and Reaction from some friends on Darcylicious, and it was one of the first fanfics I ever read. You have a great talent for HMS - both the physical and emotional aspects, as pointed out earlier. Your sauna scene is legendary, and this last one topped it in my opinion. I love these characters, and the one downside about you finishing this story is how much I'm going to miss them. Your writing was so evocative that on a trip to Kingston, Ontario last fall I almost made a side trip to Ottawa to check out some of the sites you described. If you have the time and opportunity, please indulge us with more of your writing in the future.


Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

By the way - I'm very curious to know what Darcy whispered in Lizzy's ear during their "chair encounter"...

chapter 22

Cannot believed my eyes that there's an update WOW! Actually read it twice.Tracey I'm very excited your are back.
I miss your story.

Action & Reaction comments

You lovely, lovely ladies! You make a girl feel so loved with all your delightful comments! My last chapter will probably be posted some time next week. I'm a bit nervous and still want to play with it a bit before I put "The End" stamp there.

Ima -- Oh, yes, I thought I'd hinted that that would be his third wish in these comments somewhere, however, it's been so long people probably would forget! And yes, they are full circle but so much has changed for both of them! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and you are very welcome!

Diane -- You know, I don't think it was worth the wait... you all had to wait so long! But I'm so happy you think so! One thing I did want to do was make this story truly E&D romance-centered. I truly love the scene in the original P&P when they are conversing... they are so engaging to read, there's an exciting dynamic even if they weren't meant to be in love, so I wanted to have them together in scenes as much as possible in my story, even if they weren't always happy with each other. And it was very important to me to word his proposal as such. He wants to be worthy of her, he knows she is special, and the feeling is mutual. As for another great story... oh, I think this might be my one and only large scale fanfic. I am not reliable enough to write more unless it's just short snippets, I'm afraid!

fde -- You make me blush! What wonderful compliments you give and thank you so very much for your prayers. I completely believe in them so I am touched to hear it. I'm glad you feel their growth has been obvious and believable. I have tried to pace it that way in the story, and sometimes, it seems, they just did it themselves, naturally. Thank you again.

KayakChick -- Happy to see you haven't forgotten the story! Yes, Darcy is the type of man who likes to be grab the brass ring, so to speak, at the right moment! I'm so pleased you've enjoyed the chapter and that I got to post something steamy for your birthday.

Kari -- Ah, but I thought the third wish would be obvious! Of course, I knew what it would be so I guess it's obvious to me. They are "right back" where they started from but yes, so much has changed! Glad you've enjoyed it.

As for the HMS why didn't I think of a whole dining set! One measly chair isn't much... you give me ideas! Seriously, while I do try to write as exciting a scene as possible, I do try to keep their love and respect for each other in tact, so thank you for noticing. And I do know you can wait, you've all done so very patiently... won't be long now.

Julie L. -- You've been waiting forever, I know, I know! So has Darcy! I couldn't get my act together to get this chapter posted for so long, he's aged a year or two! I sort of feel like their as much your friends as we are, sometimes! And hmmm... what happened next wasn't hard to predict, was it?

As for your comments on the second half, thank you! It's been awhile since posting a "HMS" scene sooooooooo I hoped people would enjoy! It's funny, I wrote that line for Darcy to tease Lizzy and then I suddenly went, "D'uh, Lizzy would totally make fun of that!" Oh, and yes, Caroline's dress will make an appearance. Glad you haven't forgotten!

Lucy -- Hope you found the chapters about the cufflinks and they make sense. They are just a little plot point that happened to come up by accident, and sort of grew from there. They were very useful from time to time!

Julie -- I know you felt like it was forever... and I'm so glad you're still around the fandom to read the conclusion. Only one more chapter to go. I hope it feels complete to you. Darcy is a romantic soul and he's not done yet...

Gio -- I like to think that Darcy is in essentials, 'as he ever was', but Lizzy had to dig deep to find some of those essentials. He couldn't be mushy until he found the right woman.

As for the love scene... yes, Lizzy is always worried about others and their things! She doesn't want to disturb anyone! This chapter wasn't as challenging as the last one, to be honest. Once things are patched up, those two really get on like a house on fire! LOL Mushy proposals and sexy love scenes are fun! Finding the right tone for your story to end upon, a little more difficult!

Christina -- No, no mirage! But I can believe your reaction! So happy you enjoyed. Thanks for letting me know.

Roselle -- Thank you! I have to admit, this story gave me the opportunity to write the proposal of my dreams (second only to my husband's proposal, of course!)

Lella -- Wow, a new reader! You read it in one day! I'm completely flattered! I hope you didn't get any crumbs in your keyboard.

Renée -- What a comment! You are so very lovely to me and my story. I'm quite spoiled to be on this site. I don't know what to say except thank you for such kind words about my writing in general! I think I'm better off commenting on the specific chapter, and as you know, Renée , I've taken a lot of care with my Lizzy. I am not a Darcyholic like so many P&P ladies (not that there's anything wrong with that). I adore the character of Lizzy and I think I "get" her -- I've tried to modernize her appropriately. I do not think she's perfect but she's willing to learn from mistakes, just like Darcy. She's also willing to step forward in a relationship and that was one of the points of this scene. She could be bold (and take command) in the bedroom because Darcy let her be freely. It's an equality there, a give and take and give back again.

As for their "rock" comments! You and Julie are on the same wavelength! Glad I could tickle your funny bone.

Julia -- Oh, I know, proposals like that never happen, do they? I had a pretty good one, but it didn't include hundreds of tealights. I did have a waterfall, a bended knee and some champagne for afterwards to celebrate, so that's not too shabby! As for any real-life comparisons to the second-half of the chapter... no comment!!!!!

Shazza -- So glad to hear I've been recommended! What a lovely thing to hear, and I'm pleased you've enjoyed the story so much. My sauna scene is legendary? Wow! That's quite the reputation to live up to! This last love scene ... I had fun with it ... a little less nitty gritty detail I think than the sauna, but more of the emotion. That's just my opinion, of course, but writing this story has been a learning experience and each scene comes out differently! And I almost tempted you to see Ottawa?! A shame you didn't get the chance... although Kingston was a lovely little city when I visited there a few years ago.

And as for the whisper, I'm a little surprised no one else has asked... but I bet I don't have the answer you're looking for. When I initially wrote it, I think I had something in mind, but I've since forgotten. One night lately, I had another thought in mind, but then in the light of day, I thought, "Darcy wouldn't say that!" I think the point is, Darcy is a little bit different to all of us (even if I'm the writer of this story) and only the reader can decide what Darcy said based on her (or his) level of comfort. I think it's more fun that way anyway.

Annj -- Thank you for re-discovering this story... yes, I was a little shocked myself when I finished it. Stick around until about next week when the final chapter will be posted.

Again, thank you all for your comments -- they enlighten me as to what catches people's eyes and if my little view of the P&P world is fun to others. Only one chapter to go!


Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!


Any hope for the last chappie soon??? BTW is it goin to be split into few parts as welll...

Please relieve us from our curiousity .....thanking you in advance dearie and dear Mrs Darcy too

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Funny you should mention, Ima, I was just going to send an e-mail to Renee to say that if all goes well, she can post the last chapter, in its entirety, tomorrow. It's a long one and it will not be split... this is the end afterall!

Thanks so much for asking. :)


Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Woohoooo!!! Can't wait.

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Tracey darling...

I am happy and I am sad... happy when you said go ahead....I am flying to the moooooooooooon..wbut when you say finito..the end..........welll it is hard to say goodbye...But Tracey .........thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu


Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Chapter 24 is up, my dears. Enjoy!

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

I seem to be the first again..but Tracyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..that was a tight....I was so sad for Lizzy when she thought Darcy is playing the field again...although I knew Darcy must have planned for her..since this is the last chapter ....and you were kind to Mrs Bennet and Caroline (she is still hoping..yuks...)and their wedding night was simply.........phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Oh Tracey, thank you thank thank you and CONGRATULATIONS for finishing this lovely epic....


Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Thank you, Tracey.
This is one of the first stories that I've ever read, and I loved it. You made an amazing work, Lizzy is so real and their relationship was so passionate and believable.


Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Awww.... I can't believe it's over! Lovely, as usual, Tracey. Thanks for taking us for this wonderful ride!

Apparently, I'm one of the many JAFF initiated that started our obsession with your story, and is incredibly satisfying to finally get to see "The End".

On the other hand, we won't have more updates...

Well, I can we can read it over and over again, being as wonderful as it has been.

Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Congratulations and Thank You! for finishing this story. This was the first modern fan fic that I ever read and I'm so glad its complete! I loved your D & E and I love the way you write!


Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Thank you all so much for the congratulatory comments. It does feel great to have completed this story, though there are authors, in the meantime, who've written several more than I have!

Ima -- So glad you enjoyed! Was I really that kind to Caroline? She had to watch the man she thinks she loves get married to a woman in a dress she made? However, I did try to keep it a bit canon as in the original, Caroline still manages to stay connected with the Darcys regardless of how awful she thinks the marriage is. I had fun writing the wedding night so glad you enjoyed.

Francy -- People must know by now how much I like to hear they like my Lizzy. She's not perfect, but she's fun, and I do hope that captures the original spirit of the character. Thanks so much for the lovely compliments about my writing.

Kari -- Is it bad that I'm happy you'll read it over again but that I don't have much of an interest in doing it? After writing it, I think all I'd do is criticize it if I re-read it! Glad you enjoyed, though and sorry, no, there won't be any more updates. Though never say never, right?

Frances -- Thank you! I'm so pleased you enjoyed and that the last chapter seemed to be enjoyable.

Now, I have a question to you all if you wouldn't mind feeding my curiosity and/or vanity. Many of you have said this is the first fan fic or first modern you ever read and I was wondering why? Is it the simple fact that for a long time my story was at the top of the fiction list at Firthness (another J.A. site) or is it because it came up when you googled something (like j.a. fiction nc-17).

I am very curious so please let me know!

Thanks to you all. It's been a wonderful ride for me too!


Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Tracey, I'm not sure when I discovered your story exactly, but I'm pretty sure it was through Darcyfic. I received the posts of that yahoo group in my e-mail box initially. Later I went to Fness or the HG to read on. Same with Robin's, received her installments in my mailbox too. :D

In the beginning I hardly read any modern retellings. Preferred Regency by far, but that changed gradually... thanks to yours for instance!

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Wow - thank you so much Tracey.

I did think at one point that I would never get to see that end, but am so very pleased that you proved me wrong!!

I have very much enjoyed reading your story and hope that you will not be putting down your pen for ever!

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

dear Tracey
A&R is the first modern D&E fanfiction I have read and one of the best
Thank you for all this "bon temps" I spent

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

I'm all "sighs." What a great story, congratulations on this finale. I look forward to re-reading it again!! And the wedding surprise... so delightful! Many thanks!

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Well, this wasn't my first JAff. To be honest I was a little dissapointed with the first one I read (it was a modern, but it wasn't the reason), but I knew there had to be more out there, so I kind of "googled" my way to Mrs. Darcy. I started reading the vignettes (because, as English is not my first language, I wanted to start with the easy stuff -see how ignorant I was? I'm learning though-).

Anyway. I stumbled upon "36D" and of course I was more than interested in read other stuff from the same author... and I found A&R. Come to think of it, it was my first long story.

Now I've read A LOT of JAFF, but A & R is of course one of my favorites, right on top of the list.

Again, thank you Tracey. I'll take your word and will wait for a little vignette now and then... even if it take you a couple of years. I'm patient enough, as you already know.

Tracey's Action & Reaction

Just finished reading this story and have to tell you that it's brilliant, if only there were a Mr Darcy!!! Can't wait to read another of Tracey's FF so, get writing

Re: chapter 24 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Thank you Tracey. You are a wonderful writer. Your story is deliciously sexy, intelligent and solid, you make me very happy, Thank you.

chapter 24 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Congratulations, Tracey! I am so happy with your ending. I loved the surprise wedding and Caroline & Mrs. Bennet's attempts to keep themselves at the forefront. I like Mrs. B & Georgiana together. Very sweet. Mrs. Reynolds & the surprise luggage was so well-done. Well, I guess I loved the whole story and chapter 24 was just the beautiful icing on this wonderful confection of a story. Thank you!!

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Very, Very Good Tracey. I just can't believe they are finally married and in the Dress from Caroline's shop. I just knew that that dress would show up some time down the road. I'll have to say I thought the best part was there wedding night scene....
"It wasn't pretty, it wasn't sweet, it definitely wasn't slow, better to describe it as impassioned, sweaty and slightly violent. Darcy bruised his elbow when it had slammed against the headboard; Lizzy almost had to stop twice due to muscle cramps in her leg."
That was soooo funny especially Lizzy's leg cramps.
Tracey Congradulations what a wonderful story. I think I see a re-read in my near future. But this time it won't be on a plane to Hawaii.
Thank you so much for completing this wonderful story.
I hope too hear more from you in the future.
julia42 (ya I know it's read that way for awhile "julia42" but I'm not changing it.

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

julia42 (ya I know it's read that way for awhile "julia42" but I'm not changing it.

You're too funny, Julia!

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Thank you Tracey for the awesome ending to this fantastic story, I loved it! Well done you! Thank you again and again for bringing all of us this enchanting modern day ff of Darcy and Elizabeth. I think it is far and away the best modern ff I have read to date. Although, I will miss coming here to read any updates, so I hope that you will continue to use your talents and write us another fabulous story. Best wishes to you and your family dear.

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!


Your A&R is not my first modern P&P but I believe the second first was the Lost Year by Andie..How that happenned is that I stumbled into Mrs Darcy site via Keira K website for P&P..and I have not left the P&P fanfic world eversince. I had browse through the story lists but admit that only those stories with such intriguing beginning (aka WOW..) makes me go on and on and on reading..without stopping..All in all your A&R is my third reading in the fanfic world..that is why it is so special to me ...If I am not mistaken I had saved all your chappies in my computer then and lug the computer along the next day while waiting for DH to finish his meeting. I knew for a fact that there will be no wifi at the restaurant where I had spent hours waiting (and I was well prepared)...but growing when reading your A&R.. I do hope I was not that obvious..

So dearie...I have to thank you and congratulate you again for finishing a story which had also grew on me.. ..


Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Thank You, Tracey for writing AND finishing this story! Everything is perfect as it is and I have forgotten about THAT dress! I have to go read about that bit again . Ottawa is a very nice place, I was fortunate to spend couple mths there some years back...and that's when i started reading your story at MrsDarcy and if i remember correctly, from your story I learnt that Ottawa is the 2nd coldest capital in the world!

Anyway, this has been a wonderful read. I hope to read more good stuff from you, please don't let your talent go wasted yea!

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

I'll try to make a long story short:
*Watched BBC P&P * Fell in love with CF & the characters of Darcy & Lizzy * Browsing through bookstore came across Linda Berdoll's books * read books and got hooked * googled JAFF (and variations of) * found Mrs. Darcy Site * read all the short stories first-36D was the first first I read (I'm still hoping you'll continue or expand that gem) * Had to read your other stuff * read A&R * it is now copied and bound and sitting on my bookshelf...I can now print out the rest of it and re-read it to my hearts' content!

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Just wanted to say how I loved this story,it's listed in my book as one of the top JA stories,I do have a book listing the most excellent ones. I reference this book when I need to fine good writers. So just to let you know your one of them,sites like MrsD,AHA,HG,FIRTHNESS,WJ,FF.NET,DWG,Darcymania,Gatefiction,Drool,and a few personnal ones like Abigal R. If this seems like a complement it is! Thanks again for this awesome story and please,keep writing! DLSchickel

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Tracey, Thank You for this Story!!! It will totally remain in my heart for the rest of my life.

My first modern version, and now after hundred others, still my favorite.

Even though these characters have hundreds of stories written in their likeness, you captured them like no other. Please be proud of your accomplishment, I am!

I found your story here...I first read "The Journey" by Jan H, then I read your story. Not quite sure why I picked those stories. Also, I had no idea stories like this could be so long and free! Also, I had no idea yours was not finished, so i waited a long time as well.

Thanks again for completing the story...
I will never forget this story...
And the author who wrote it!!!

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