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Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Dear Tracey,

finally it is done! I am happy that you finished it and you did it very well, as nothing different would be to expect from an experted writer as you are...
But... (and there is always a but...) I am already missing your Darcy and Elizabeth. Somehow they became almost part of the family. Because of the long waiting, I kept turning to your page and reading bits and peaces, here and there until they became almost a daily routine...
Well, tank you so much for sharing your talent with us.
One of your devoted fans

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

I've read a LOT of P&P fanfic - Regency, Modern, AU - you name it. This was one of the sassiest, sexiest and most enjoyable stories I've read. You've written one of the best modern Lizzy's ever (and Darcy wasn't anything to sneeze at, either!) I loved your humor, your dialogue and the creative ways you brought these two together - and kept them apart. The challenges they faced as a couple were very realistic, which isn't always the case in modern stories. There was much more to their relationship than just great sex - and the sex WAS great. Wickham was a cad, but not over-the-top in his ability to be evil. You really were able to transfer all of the characters brilliantly from Regency to Modern, keeping them true to canon without making them a caricature.

More than anything, I admire you for finishing the story after such a long break for real life issues. Mind you, I'm glad that I didn't know about this story before, because the wait would have killed me...LOL! But, you showed courage and character by completing this story for your long-devoted readers, and I think you should be applauded for that. I hope that you have inspired other authors who have left great stories unfinished (for very good reasons) to have the faith and courage to complete their work as well. Best wished to you in your future writing endeavors and thank you for sharing your wonderful story.

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Dear Tracey,

Congratulations on finishing your story and THANK YOU!!! That was a great ending to a great story. I found myself saying that was just like them. As if they were real people but you can't read your story and not think that this E&D are not real.

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Hi all,

I had always meant to come back and comment on each of your thoughtful responses directly, but since I haven't yet gotten around to it, I just wanted to thank everyone who has commented on the story. Each and every one is appreciated!

I have not been working on anything new, I'm afraid, life has become less computer-centered these days (who ever wrote of the lazy days of summer?)

This story was a labour of love and, at times, hate, and frustration and silliness, as well! So it's always gratifying to read when people seem to relate to my style of writing!

Again, thanks so much for the comments.

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

I have to say that this is one of my favorite P&P modern fanfiction stories. It is very well written. The plot is unique yet very Austen, although towards the end Elizabeth does get a little irrational boarding on annoying it is still beautiful. Basically, I really enjoyed this story and plan on reading it again.

Thanks for taking the time to write such a great story.


Hi Tracey!!!

I'm just writing to tell you how much I have loved and enjoyed Action and Reaction! To be honest, I have read it twice now!

I was curious to learn where you got the idea or inspiration to have Lizzy be a protocol officer?

For some time now, I have dreamed of becoming a protocol officer and have had the darnedest time learning much of anything about getting into the profession. Certainly there is going to protocol school, but beyond that, it's a mystery!

I know it has been a long time since anyone has posted anything, but I do very much hope you might have a chance to respond!

With great admiration,

Re: Inspiration??

Hi Kate!

Thanks for writing and I'm so glad you enjoyed my story. It's been awhile since anyone has noticed it! Renee (Mrs. Darcy herself!) was kind enough to let me know you had commented!

As for the position of a protocol officer, I"m afraid it's a composite of people's jobs. I worked for the government but not for Foreign Affairs so I know a little of the structure and I also used to work in the sales department of a high end hotel that had a specific sales manager for the "diplomatic" market. She ended up being a protocol officer for hotel and so I based a lot of Lizzy's job on her and her stories.

I wish I could give more of an inside scoop but sadly, my fiction really is fiction!

Again, thanks for writing to let me know you enjoyed. It was a thrill to see there are still readers for a story I finished quite awhile ago (though it seems like yesterday to me!)


Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

I really enjoyed this story, good job Tracey!

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