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Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H


I just wanted to say that this is most likely the most original take I've ever read (I haven't read that much, but of what I have) on the whole "keep Darcy and Elizabeth apart" idea. It was BRILLIANT: keep them apart by bringing them a bit too close for comfort. Brilliant concept and just as brilliant development.

I enjoyed the conscious Elizabeth POV. It was very interesting to see things (if I remember correctly) entirely from her perspective, like with Austen - unless directly revealed by Darcy. And Darcy's revelations are always so poignant and heartbreaking. "Poor Darcy. What agonies he must be suffering."

Of course, I love it that they have finally solved Elizabeth's parentage. WHEW!

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

18 chapters now? Bring it on. I can handle it. Actually I honestly think I may be a bit blue when this saga has ended. It really has been too fun to read your story (regardless of the angst meter) and all the insightful fan commentary.

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Thank you RAM, Sammie, and Christina, for commenting on this story. Now, I just hope the ending pleases people.

Christina, you're right, it is 18 chapters plus a short epilogue, so not much more to go. I have to ask, are you the same Christina who comments at DWG? And if so, are you the one who teasingly called me a rock star? If so, that really made me laugh. One of my betas now says she's waving her light stick - LOL. Believe me, I'm the furthest thing from a rock star imaginable. Instead of a Rolling Stone, I'm more like an Immovable Boulder stuck in the early 19th century.


Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

okay i did a google search for Jan H and this is where i landed! Jan i have read your story on the DWG so far and needless to say im addicted to it. So i was greedily googling to see if you might be posting chapters elsewhere on the net(although you probably post them at the same time everywhere)
Throughout the week, Darcy's words have been going round and round in my head - "my dearest girl , i need someone to tell me that my father is not your father".

Now that the facts are out, poor chap...i cant wait for him to know that they are indeed not siblings. So here i am, waiting in pleasant anticipation of the forthcoming chapters. 2 more days to go for Chap 15 Thanks for this great great story!

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

okay i did a google search for Jan H and this is where i landed!

A warm welcome to you, Vidya. Glad you've found your way to Mrs. Darcy's.

FYI, in case you haven't read all of them, Jan's complete works (so far) are posted on this site.

Happy browsing!


Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Hi, Vidya! Fancy meeting you here. I'm glad you found this site, as Renee has collected lots of great stories and made beautiful pages for the authors. It's a friendly place, and you're sure to find yourself entertained.

Thank you for your comments both here and at DWG. Would you believe I'm still tinkering with the next chapter? I wrote it some time ago, but after my betas put the axe to it and bring up questions I hadn't thought of, I find myself rewriting up to my posting date. There are so many revelations to make in these last four chapters that I'm afraid each one will be way too long.


Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Oh Jan, don't worry that the chapters are too long. I look forward to extremely long chapters chock full of information and mush, mush, and more mush!!

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

I join the chorus, Jan! They are never too long for as far as I'm concerned!

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

There are so many revelations to make in these last four chapters that I'm afraid each one will be way too long

There is no such a possibility, that chapters of this story might be too long.

Patiently waiting

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Thank you Renee..I'm glad and excited i found this site and im sure ill find lot of interesting stories out here... I have read all of Jan's completed works and lost count of the number of times I've read 'The Journey' and 'An Arranged Marriage'...i cannot pick a favourite between the two ...
Jan, Sins of the Fathers is the only story of yours that i am reading as a WIP...the others were all completed and archived when i was first introduced to JA fanfic sometime last year... so i read them all in one go without having to experience such suspense week after week ...however your being such a regular poster does give a lot of comfort

As to your chapters being a bit too long, im afraid they might be a wee bit too short for my appetite..
Monday mornings wont be half as exciting when this story gets completed. Who knows? I might start pestering you for a new one as soon as this one is over i know there's a huge Jan H fanclub that will support me there.. Thanks again for being such a great author!

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Chapter 15 is up, my dears. Mrs Darcy's still fanning... So tender, so revealing, so, so... amazing! Enjoy!

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Sorry, forgot the link to Jan's pages. Still too overwhelmed, I guess.

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

I am speechless. What a story Peter Darcy had. Even though some of us guessed about Peter being E's father, we could not have guessed all the details. GREAT writing. Thank you!!! Cindy

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Ah...the kisses of Mr Darcy...these always leave my heart aflutter...Oh my salts, where are my salts!

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Dear Jan,

I have no words. I knew, I just knew they're not siblings, but still my heart ached with all they went throug.
And this scene when she says they are not brother and sister and he says "I know" - ooooh. Swooning.

But as much as I would love to read repeatedly how they confess their real feelings, I'm very happy they both had a chance to talk to Father Darcy. They both, no all three of them, needed to hear it, to learn it, to understand it.

Excellent chapter, magnificent story.

Thank you,


Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

HIp, hip, hooray!!

I hope Lizzy and her father can get to know one another for a little while. I can just imagine Lizzy smiling and smiling like a fool! LOL!!!

And by the way, would it be possible for them to get married in Ireland? Technically, her father is there.
Poor Darcy is ready to implode!

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Jan, since chapter 14 everything is looking bright & sunny for me. I breath a sigh of relief & said finally. You are a very talented writer that even with nagging torture these two endured Mr. Darcy never lose hope and so did I,hahha. I love it when he said " I love you for so long..., oh my i was in tears so true. Excellent,spell-binding, compelling story Jan through and through. I am ecstatic for them they surely deserve the happiness now ,vindication for Mr. Darcy. Thank you so much Jan for sharing this story with us.

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Jan, a confession to make. I can’t go on like this… I need a Darcy right now or I shall perish!!!!

I think I shall perish

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H


My heart is all aflutter for Darcy & Lizzy, but its broken for the loss of Peter & Elizabeth....this story is a jewel...thank you


Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Frances, I so agree with you! It seems intolerable that Peter's and Elizabeth's love and lives were interfered with not by fate or their own misunderstandings and mistakes, but by the hard malice of her brother, who would rather ruin her and Peter's lives at any cost because he could not sell her to that bald old pedophile, Sir Dudley. We don't even know if Sir D was rich. I dread finding out in a chapter or two, when D&E confront Linton together, what lies he told Elizabeth about why Peter had "abandoned" her.

My hatred for Linton eclipses my dislike of Lady Catherine, whose lies have been found out in time to be neutralized.

I find myself wondering at the shadowy knowledge Fitzwilliam, as an 8-year-old, must have had of these events that proved to be so important to him 20 years later. He knew the Darcys were suddenly forbidden to go to Bridesgate and didn't know why. Did George know why? Anne obviously did not know about the pregnancy and baby, but did she know the cause of Linton's animosity? In some families, such an unusual event as being banned from a nextdoor neighbor's house would have been discussed in front of the perceptive only child, Fitzwilliam; in others, not. I wonder if the conversation with Uncle Peter will revive any lost memories that Fitzwilliam may have of that time.

As I read this story, I tend to forget it is fiction and worry that the Darcys seem genetically disposed to die in their 40s, if you calculate the ages of George, Peter, Henry and their parents. I hope that Peter and Fitzwilliam will be spared that fate.

Jan, I swoon and dream about this story, while waiting for the next chapter!


Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

I think I've switched between this site and DWG in commenting. Oophs
Any way I love this story. I was so afraid that Lizzy was going to end up sick and feverish and Father D would die before he related the tale to any one else (ie. Mr Darcy). Thus making everyone think Lizzy was hallucinating, and not believe her. Thank you for not going there. I don't think my heart would survive that.


Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

This story is just amazing Jan!! It is my absolute all time favorite JAFF!! It has taken the place of even 'The Journey', my first, and favorite FF until mow.

I just can't get over the malice of Sir Linton. He's one of the worst villains of FF ever. What a terrible thing to have done, and I wonder if it's because of E.Willoghby's age that he could do this? After all, Peter was her husband, so I would think he had rights before that of Linton? I'm sure you'll tie up all the loose ends in time, but what a horrible thing to have done.

Also, Lady C had no scruples either in separating Darcy from Elizabeth by lying also. Such terrible people, but thank goodness Darcy never gave up, because if he had been resigned to believe Lady C's lies, their fates would have been different.

I just LOVED joyful Darcy. What a wonderful description of pure joy and happiness for E and D. I am guessing that E only needs her rightful father's blessing for the marriage, and I so hope he lives to see that day. He was so wronged and my heart just bleeds for him.

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

You’re right, Cindy, Father Darcy had quite a story. I worried about breaking the cardinal rule of writing by telling so much instead of showing, but I hoped the reader’s interest wouldn’t lag too much during the long recital.

I agree, Eli, nothing like Mr. Darcy’s kisses!

Basia, I’m glad you liked the not brother and sister bit. That’s the second scene I envisioned when dreaming up this story. The first was Elizabeth finding Father Darcy on her own.

Poor Darcy is ready to implode! How true, Annabella.

It’s about time for things to look bright and sunny, isn’t it Annj? This story has been dark way too long.

Mary, Mary, don’t perish! I understand your need for a Darcy, though! Good thing I married mine.

Frances, I share your torn feelings. I wish I could have made Elizabeth’s parents happy, too, but short of raising the dead, I couldn’t find a way.

Carol, I love your musings about what Linton could have told his sister and what might have gone on at Pemberley when Darcy was a child. And how perceptive of you to deduce the ages of the Darcy boys when they died. When I began writing, I made a timeline for myself of their births and deaths so I could keep up with everyone. I feel rather foolish having Elizabeth refer to Peter Darcy as the old priest, when he can’t be more than 42 or 43. From my perspective, that’s young, but I guess a 21-year-old might have a different opinion. I could never kill off our Darcy in any story I write. In my mind, he lives forever.

Geri, I’m glad to see your comments on this site. There’s not enough room on the DWG board to reply without bumping other stories off the main board. You came up with even more angst than I could write. Frankly, I became worn out with so much just like I imagine most readers did.

Jtorres, you continue to amaze me with your lovely comments. I agree that Sir Linton is one of the worst of villains. I certainly hope I never dream up a more horrible person. From what all my Regency sources told me, Linton had rights over his sister because she was underage when married. She was only 17 and would not have come into her majority until she was 21. At least, I hope that’s correct. If not, please pretend it is for this story. Of course, the fact that she turned up pregnant changed things, which will be revealed a bit further in the story.

I just loved all these comments. Thank you so much!


Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Jan said, I wish I could have made Elizabeth’s parents happy, too, but short of raising the dead, I couldn’t find a way.

Jan, you made me think of Kipling's poem entitled "Jane's Marriage," in which she dies and goes to heaven, where she is attended by various literary giants who preceded her and is reunited with one of the lovers she created - I leave it to you to discover which one!


Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Oh, I read that poem! It was not Mr Darcy...

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

What a beautiful story! I read it all in one sitting. My heart kept jumping inside me - that was how sad I was for Darcy and Elizabeth. I am so looking forward to the update.

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Jan, I must apologise for the delay in writing a review of the latest chapter (the blame lies with a pressing deadline). I did manage to read the chapter – nothing could stop me doing that! But I wanted to have a proper amount of time to tell you how much I enjoyed it.

I agree with Jtorres – The Journey has long been my favourite, but this has surpassed it. They both satisfy me utterly on a romantic level, but I think the storyline here is just even more inspired, not only the possible sibling relationship that provides the angst, but the whole back story and the thought and research that has gone into it. I think it is an exceptional piece of story telling (even though we don’t yet have the whole).

I have to admit that I am not expecting Peter to survive the night… I don’t know why. I just feel that he may not. I also feel for Mr Bennet in this: Lizzy grew up with a bond to him, and this must be breaking his heart too. Two fathers… both whose lives were affected by the actions of that evil Linton. Ugh.

Okay, onto the review itself. How delighted was I, Jan, that you reconciled them so early in the chapter! I had envisioned (because you do love to torture us, do you not?) that it might be near the end of the chapter that they eventually find each other, but what joy it was to suddenly look up with Elizabeth (because your writing is so ‘real’ I feel that I’m living this with her) and see Darcy there, motionless, with her hat in his hand. Talk about a goosebumps moment! And I loved this beautiful description as Elizabeth accepts the truth that she has learned:

QUOTE: The words swirled around me like snowflakes, but instead of feeling chilled, a delicious warmth flooded my heart.

As I have said before, I really admire your use of the first person voice. You have this incredible ability to write from one single POV, not only allowing us to perceive and see and feel and even misunderstand what Elizabeth does in her own eyes, but also that we the reader get to pick up on nuances that are given out by Darcy and others, so that although in essence it’s a single POV, your writing gives us other clues. It’s really a wonderful talent, and I am sure it’s what gives your stories that distinctive ‘Jan H’ style! (I know you don’t always write in the first person, but I particularly love it when you do!)

And oh my, Jan! That first kiss – that despite him not knowing how her feelings had changed towards him, he just could not stop himself from kissing her… that was wonderful, powerful writing. I would wish to quote the whole exchange to tell you what I loved about it, so just believe me that I loved it ALL. But this image you conjured was just perfect to display his emotions at that point:

QUOTE: He looked to the river on his right, at the trees on his left, at the ground below, and, finally, he looked into my eyes as though he could not believe the words I had spoken. He shook his head.

Okay, and how did I also love that mental image you gave us of them both stood outside the door waiting to be let in by the servant – not touching, side by side, and him saying how he could not go on without her, and her reply:

QUOTE: "I will not leave," I whispered just before the servant opened the door for us.

Swoon. That made my heart break for its loveliness of image and sentiment from them both. How I would love to see this chapter on film!

The suppressed joy of the evening was a delight to read after all they (and we the readers!) had been through – so thank you for the lightheartedness of that moment. You can feel the happiness welling up off the page.

Of course, all the snatched moments together were delightful, especially the kisses – you can’t beat a good snogging session, I say! ;) And how romantic was it that he kept following her to have one more kiss – again, a lovely mental image of their slow progress up the stairs… sigh.

Peter’s story was brilliantly told. You never for one moment lost my attention, I was just riveted, and I felt you broke it up enough so that we never lost the sense of where we were (in the cottage) and who was present – perfectly balanced and very credible.

What a tale, though. Poor Elizabeth Willoughby… what she must have felt and thought during her pregnancy. And the question remains… did she really die in childbirth, as has been said, or was foul play involved? Surely Linton is not that evil that he would have utilized the excuse he gave Peter all those months earlier to be ‘rid’ of her?

Ah, how wonderful a tale you have woven. Sorry for the waffling on, but I find the writing just so worthy of comment. My apologies again for being so late – the bonus for me is, the next chapter is due imminently! I promise to be a bit quicker next week.

Sandra :D

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Ah, Carol, I never thought of Kipling's poem, but I can see it now.

Welcome Leia, it's always wonderful to have a new reader! Thank you for your comments.

And dear Sandra, your long, kind review just blows me away. I'm glad to see you remember Lizzy's other father, the one who raised her, for I have a soft spot for him, too. Thank you for all the details you mentioned. You are more than generous.


Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Chapter 16 is up, my dears. Enjoy!

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H


*SIGH* Wonderful writing and story.

I wonder whether LadyCat has a Plan B. Evil tends to work on an agenda while the rest of us are sleeping.


Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Oh my oh my...I cried like a baby throughout this chapter. Elinor Willoghby's letter was incredibly moving, just so heartwrending. Linton was a terrible brother, and I was so moved by Father Darcy's weeping, and then his call to forgiveness for all that was done against him and Elizabeth W. I couldn't stand Father Darcy and Elizabeth parting in Ireland, and I was just weeping right along with the characters. I wish that Father Darcy came back to Pemberley, but realize that he really couldn't.

Oh, I just can't wait until Lady C is found out!! That should be good!!

L&D really need to be married soon. Darcy's about to blow if he's resorting to sneaking around in the middle of the night just for kisses!! Can't they be wed at sea?

Well Jan, you really are a rock star. I raise my lighter up (although my daughter reminds me that they raise up cell phones now ).

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

I had tears in my eyes reading such a sad story of her fate. But, most of all how everyone else took the story. Great writing! Poor Darcy, he sounds so frustrated.

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Oh Jan, what a chapter. So much heartache, yet so much happiness. I was so touched when Lizzy asked her father if he regretted finding out about her and his heartfelt answer in the negative. I do hope Darcy and Lizzy marry soon then pay a visit to the dragon lady C. I hope Miss Willoghby finally gets some happiness of her own being related to Lizzy...and I hope Linton gets his just desserts. Geez, how bitter I sound...I should take a lesson from Father Peter and allow Heavenly Father to be the ultimate judge....thank you Jan for a bitter-sweet story.


Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Great chapter Jan, thank you. I like the way you've during the entire story written Darcy so aching with love for E that it's almost painful to read, ab fab, TY:)

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Thank you, Jan, for this beautiful chapter. Poor Darcy. He is soooo frustrated. You write so beautifully and I appreciate how you skip over some of the less important details, like some of the journey. Please post soon!!! You know I'm a big fan of your writing. Cindy

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

I must confess I did not even bother to read about father Darcy and the rest. i had only eyes for this part
Pulling me into his arms, I felt my skin begin to tingle in anticipation. Gently, he kissed my cheek, my ear, and my neck before finding my mouth. Over and over, he stroked my lips in teasing nibbles until I took his face between my hands and stilled him, making him deepen his kiss

Why did he not went into his own cabin directly, I wonder!!!!Perhaps it wiuld have been too volatile a meeting...

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Jan, only you can make one cry and smile in the same chapter. I cannot imagine what Peter Darcy must have gone through. He could have had a very different life, filled with love and happiness if not for the likes of Linton Willoughby. Can he really forgive him for all his misdeeds? Poor Elizabeth Willoughby ..i'm glad she thought that Peter would not forsake her willingly and when she died, she still believed in his love for her. Such a sad and tragic tale

But the second part of the chapter has lifted my spirits to a great extent considering the generous amount of Lizzy-Darcy that you have served us. Wow! Its all so delightfully amazing now that they can openly acknowledge their love for one another .... Thanks Jan! You are the best !!

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Yay! Finally--after such a long time of angst and drama...Elizabeth and Darcy are together!
You are such a skilled writer Jan! When some people write angst, it becomes tiresome to read, but you always make it interesting. This is probably one of the best P & P fanfics I've ever read up to now!
Looking forward to more!

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Nothing is sweeter than D & E together and Darcy stealing kisses. LOL. Amazing story Jan H.

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Okay, this is the third attempt I’ve made to sit and write a review for this chapter, and I am determined to finish… but the trouble is, Jan, that every time I go back to re-read, I find my eyes filling and before I’ve gone far, I’m crying again. I have to say that this chapter was the most moving piece of writing I have come across in a very long time.

It was a beautifully satisfying chapter on every level, not only where our couple is concerned – despite Darcy getting hilariously rather sulky towards the end at being deprived of some privacy with Elizabeth – how amusingly did you portray that! Yet you have woven an emotional thread into this story that tugs at the heart strings all the time.

QUOTE: In truth, he often struggled not to weep

I quote this line because as you can tell it sums up how I was throughout the whole time I read the chapter. More than once, the tears would not be waylaid… my poor husband was quite concerned on Sunday night when I was sat next to him on the sofa reading it on my laptop, but I did reassure him that I was just engrossed in an amazing story!

I cried when Peter is revealing the truth to Georgiana and my eyes are welling up again re-reading – it’s just so beautifully rendered, Jan. You have such a gift for narrative, and dialogue – and when Georgiana embraces Lizzy it just breaks my heart – in a good way!

I cried tons over Eleanor Willoughby’s letter – poor, poor Elizabeth – that her liveliness and happiness were taken from her, that she had to bear her pregnancy in such circumstances, but thank you so much for being able to satisfy the reader by informing us that she never believed Peter had deserted her, that her love never wavered. That is some small comfort to us the reader as well as to Lizzy.

One of the things I particularly appreciated in this chapter was Lizzy having time with her father – I really thought she might be robbed totally of that, that the revelations the day before for Peter might well have taken the last of his strength. I think what I liked most there, apart from the general satisfaction that you can feel for her, is that there are hints of how Peter’s character is part of Lizzy. Obviously, you gave us some parts of Elizabeth Willoughby that we clearly see in Lizzy – her love of nature, just being outdoors etc, but I liked hearing that Peter had spirit and was not afraid to stand up to authority – sounded very Lizzy-like to me!

But oh so many lives affected – and I seriously do fear for Mr Bennet, who has been such a darling to take her in and love her so dearly. But then I trust you too. I think you will resolve that for us too, and that Lizzy will come to heed her real father's good words and advice!

But the poor fathers…

QUOTE: "But Father," I said, "you have no guilt in this matter."
He placed his hand tenderly upon my cheek. "Tell that to my heart, my child."

Awwwe, here I go again, sob… I have to say that I’m glad you described their actual parting without actually giving us the scene in detail… it was emotional enough written the way it was!

And again, Jan, as I’ve said before, all good writing must blend the humour with the angst, and I loved this:

QUOTE: . Alas, God blessed the young girl with an unpardonable amount of energy!

Poor, dear innocent Georgiana – frequently putting her foot in it without even realizing. LOL

And I loved this, because it was such a contrast to how she felt about Darcy when she first met him:

QUOTE: "Everyone has a disagreeable day, even Mr. Darcy, it seems."

And I loved the ending… what a comfort after all that sorrow – to end up a happy note, with a snoring cook (lovely idea!) and Darcy all peeved because he doesn’t want the kissing to stop! Bless him.

A most wonderful chapter. A perfect blend of sadness and humour; lots of lovely romance between our couple; lots of answers to the back-story, and once again told in the perfect way. Breaking off in Eleanor's letter when Lizzy and Peter become so emotional, and letting Darcy take over the reading worked on so many levels for me. Not only in that it reminds you of place and time, but that Darcy's voice should read the end of the story that Elizabeth began.

Loved it, Jan, (perhaps you can tell? haha)and very pleased that I managed to get through a review that time without having to run off for more tissues! It goes without saying I can’t wait for more.


Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Thank you so much, dear readers! Your comments are amazing!

Stevie B, I'm too tired to think up a Plan B for Lady Cat. Have you written a mystery yet? You should because you've got a far more active imagination than me.

JTorres, you are so kind. And I'm so glad to see someone else is old enough to have daughters that correct them as to what's in today.

Roberta, you have a right to feel bitter after reading all this angst. Linton Willoughby is a true ogre of a character.

Anniina, my favorite kind of Darcy is one that aches with love.

Cindy, finally I've learned to skip over certain aspects in a story. It took me a while to realize that you don't have to tell every last detail.

Okay, Eli, I know where your mind is and what you want to read - LOL.

Vidya, I share your relief that D&E's love is in the open and can now be expressed. This repression stuff has gone on far too long.

Gracet, thank you for your comments, and I'm glad you didn't get too worn out with all the angst.

Annj, you and I agree on stealing kisses. Lots and lots of fun!

And dear Sandra, I have to ask, are you a professional reviewer? No, you can't be because you don't say anything negative (for which I'm thankful). You do an incredible job of lifting my spirits. I replied to someone on another site that I actually made myself cry in this chapter and that's a first. Here's the quote that did it:

"But Father," I said, "you have no guilt in this matter."
He placed his hand tenderly upon my cheek. "Tell that to my heart, my child."

I think if we live long enough, all of us have done something that we find hard to forgive ourselves for. That's what I felt when I wrote this, plus the fact that I lost my own dear father three and a half years ago. He was a combination of Father Darcy and Mr. Bennet - a very spiritual man with a sly sense of humor.

Thanks again, everyone!


Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Jan, I feel a tad embarrased over my gushing, but to be honest, I couldn't stop myself, and I meant every word.

And your words at the end of your post made me as tearful as your story; I'm not surprised it moved you too in such circumstances.

I just can't thank you enough for giving your time and effort to keeping us all so beautifully entertained.

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Jan, Thank you for all the kind words meant for each person who posted a comment! I shows how much you care for your story, as well as readers!

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Jan, please don't get me wrong. Sometimes I like the details. However, this story was killing me and I just couldn't wait for them to get on with their lives. I really am a big of your writing whether you include a lot of details or not. Thanks again!!!! Cindy

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Thank you again, Sandra, Roberta, and Cindy!

And Cindy, no way did I get your message wrong. I understand what you're saying, and I really appreciate it. I was just remembering that when I first began writing, I couldn't figure out how to get the characters out the door without describing every step - LOL! Now I can soar tall buildings in a single phrase.


Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Happy happy days! The lovers deserved this long overdue truth and happiness :D You write too well Jan, and i am begining to fear as the end is near, what will become of me??!! You have to write another story

With your renown writing of the many touching moments, may i hope there's a telling of Lizzy and Mr Bennet's reunion speaking of love and forgiveness? Anyway, I look forward to whatever the last couple chapters bring.

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

...may i hope there's a telling of Lizzy and Mr Bennet's reunion speaking of love and forgiveness?

That would be nice, Gio, wouldn't it? Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate them.


Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Chapter 17 is up, my dears. Enjoy!

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

Another wonderful chapter. I hope that Elizabeth can find it in her heart to be kind to Mr Bennet.
Loved it all
Many Thanks

Re: Sins of the Fathers by Jan H

I have so enjoyed this wonderful story...Is there only one chapter left? I hope that Lizzy can reconcile with Mr. B and that she & Darcy will finally have the happiness that they so richly deserve. I hope Lizzy can get to know her Aunt Eleanor and maybe get to know her mother through her.

Thank you again Jan, you are very talented.


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