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Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

Well, feel yourself at home. People here are all nice and genteel.

They definitely are, Wendy, welcome!

And I'm pretty sure we've already met Elaine in another thread, orother threads, haven't we Elaine?

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

Wickham redeem himself, yeah! we're going to see them at the wedding!!!!

unbelievable, two chapters with nothing but Richard and his ladies, no fair

what happen to my darling Darcy?

asking Lizzy to talk to Gina? what happen if Gina blur out that Jane is having an affair with Richard?
unless this is how you're going about it?

I think I'll try and hold out till the story finish now Eli, it very hard for me to endure reading chapter by chapter on a weekly basis when normally I can read a book as thick as Vincenzi in two night, without sleeping.

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

Eli, I am with you, week after week. I did not stop half way thru and I am not stopping now. Hope that the "bomb" does not go off before the wedding night (you already know how I feel bout that), but if it does, I will still be with you regarding week after week. In my opinion, this is complete entertainment and it can't get much better than this! Isn't life boring enough...

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

Eli and Mrs. Darcy...thanks to both of you for chapters!! I loved both Eli.....this new Wickham is interesting...good twist, but of them you are famous throughout the FF world of writing!! Am awaiting the you know me, a devout D&L fan and supporter....I WANT THEM MARRIED!!!

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

Eli, I am with you, week after week. I did not stop half way thru and I am not stopping now.

Oh! Your loyalty touches my heart...Indeed one MUST be loyal after reading so many tosses and turns in these people's lives. Thank you, and everyone who takes the time to write a little sth after reading, be it merely to protest or praise. Your words are the food of the writer.

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

this new Wickham is interesting...good twist

You cannot imagine how important is to know what it is that you specifically like. One can further a little more on certain subject or abandon the idea completely. (For in the end, when everything has been said and done, authors love to please readers)
You know me. Nothing in the story turned out the way it was hinted in the classic by Austen, but I love to make it seem possible. Wickham's character was depicted from Miss Bennet's, and Mr Darcy's point of view. Miss Darcy never said a word , except when she acknowledged that Darcy was the best of brothers and she did not deserve him... I am trying to give Mr Wickham the opportunity to redeem himself as Jane Bennet once said. Unlike Mr Collins, he is gorgeous, he throrouly deserves a second chance.

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

i think Georgiana's perserverence will pay off. How exactly is she going to get the colonel to see her as a women and not a child? Hmmm. And Wickham sounds like he's coming back as a good guy. WOW! Totally surprised with that. I wonder- Is Darcy ever going to find out that the Colonel and Lizzy were engaged? ANd what would happen with Bingley and Jane? Are they ramaining together?

I think I'm getting too far ahead in the story!!! Just letting you kno whtat I love your story and this last chapter was great. Poor Georgiana

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

Wickham sounds like he's coming back as a good guy. WOW! Totally surprised with that.

It seems odd that everyone should like Mr Wickham's return, and yet, this is exactly my feeling. Here is another character whose personality has been abused in the extremes. He is always the raper, the bully, the killer... Not this time. Let Mr Wickham grow out of his infamous behaviour.
Thanks Jess to tell me your thoughts. There is a pleasant surprise for Mr Wickham's fans next chapter.

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

Eli, I have caught up with everything posted thus far and I'm...

I will have to admit to being quite relieved to have missed the furor over the goings-on at Rosings. I would have , I'm sure! I can't wait to see where this is going. What a ride!! (for Jane, too!)

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

Thanks Wendy. I am delighted you like this too.

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

GAH! I have NOT finished all that is now posted! Page 6 of LCT ends thusly:

She sighed heavily and rolled her eyes.

To be continued...

There was no link to page 7 and I didn't realize there was more until I was reading back in the thread and laughing at the recent mention of Orange squash. That had me ROFL as I hadn't thought of it in a US equivalent (having lived in the UK). Then I noticed that chapters I hadn't read were posted! After I got over my distress (it didn't take long as I now have more to read, ) I started thinking in terms of other British things that could be substituted in the veggie section... orange marrow? Definitely bigger than an orange courgette! Then my mind went to Caro Bingley and some choice orange marrow and I totally lost it. Must get my mind out of the gutter!

For my US friends, a marrow is a really large zucchini. A courgette is a tiny zucchini.

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

Okay. I am sure Mrs Darcy will correct that asap. Thanks for warning us.

I tooold ya. My Beta is a sweet American lady. My English is British because it is the one that is taught in my country. You can imagine the arguments we have about the suitability of this and that word or expression. Many times she simply rejected the words and I was of the idea that my teachers have not been thaaaat good after all. But then again this affair of the squash put an end to our arguments. From then on, whenever she corrected vocabulary or idiomatic expresssions I decided to doublecheck instead of merely change the words as suggested. The result: I am learning a lot of American E. and refreshing my lang /grammar and my American friend is learning some British idioms and expressions.
Two birds with one stone.

Terrific! So now you have alot more to read! Dig in!!

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

I dug right in and my most pressing thought is:

By my reckoning, there are two days left for Darcy to find the letter Lizzy wrote to the Col.

Closely followed by:

That was a lovely night for poor Jane (and the Col). Bingley needs to die in a FCA.

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

Number one: I cannot disclose when the letter will come out, cause I would spoil the angst.
Number two; I am in complete agreement with your thoughts. But maybe I can find a better solution for him...

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

There was no link to page 7

Thanks for the heads-up, Wendy. I've fixed it!

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"


Just kinda, sorta wondering if we'll have an update soon? Patiently waiting....sorta.

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

So sorry, Frances.The moment my beta sends me the chap I will send it to Mrs Darcy straightaway.She promised she will do it today.

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

Chapter 34 is up, dear fans. Enjoy!

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

Eli, are you going to tell us that Wickham and Georgina are going to have a second chance in love?? This is interesting!

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

Ack! NO WAY! Run as fast as you can, Georgie! He is BAD NEWS!

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

Well, it's official. Georgianna is an idiot.

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

Alicia said it quite eloquently, and I second the sentiment.

This may be the undoing of Darcy...Georgie may just be mad enough at him that she may cause some trouble, and don't even get me started on Wickham...that man is still a rogue. Eli, how many twists of fate are we to endure??....Can't wait for more...

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

O.K. Eli, you have succeeded and i humbly bow to your powers of persuasion, i don't know if i like the colonel more than i like Darcy? I even want him to have Elizabeth now, i cannot imagine him so in love. I guess i didn't think him capable of a deep and abiding affection. I truly don't know how you will solve this my dear, at least with cannon, you know where it all goes everything has it's place. Now that we are exploring so many possibilities and the characters are not one dimensional, i really i'm in a grey area so to speak. Everyone is more human and flawed and Darcy is certainly one of those. For example, to me, if he gets upset about the infamous letter, then too bad, haven't his feelings grown to a point of no return where Elizabeth is concerned? Even Georgiana is more flawed, and Wickham more human. Well we are all topsy turvy and loving it! (though Darcy and Jane gave me the willies)(i guess Elizabeth and the colonel will give Darcy the willies)


Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

First of all, thank you for taking the trouble of posting a few words.

Secondly, I could not agree with those who called poor Georgiana an idiot. I think she is immature, mostly because she has been emotionally ill treated.She lacks self confidence...She has no father, she took a decidedly divergent road to find a husband...her brother, although a good brother, could not make up for the lack of parents and sisters.Any man that approaches her is bound to win her affection. Typical.

I told you, Lorena, the Colonel is my hero. But I cannot tell you much more , otherwise I will tell you the ending. It is a big surprise!

Mr Wickham is here to stay, ladies.Now, seriously;
taking a quick look at his countenance I can very well understand why Georgiana is so much bewitched by him. Do you think he is up to mischief?

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

Yes Wickham is out for mischief...vengence is more like it! Georgie was 15...and Wickham loved her? What, he couldn't do the honorable thing and wait for her, especially since she felt the same? And he feels that Darcy wronged him? Now Georgie believes that she & Wickham were wronged by Darcy's prejudice? Georgie shouldn't be rushing into anything without considering the consequences...and what about her undying love for Richard...all of a sudden she's back in love with Wickham? I've got a bad feeling about this....more angst to come eh Eli?

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"


So far, the naughtiness count (4 out of 6) for the Bennet & Darcy sisters doesn't speak very well for their virtue. In fact, the various males don't rate very well either--Bingley seems to be the only virtuous one, and that is only because he's incompetent!

I predict that your surprise ending will have all of the characters participating in a mass orgy. Perhaps that way Bingley will have a chance to learn what he needs to know.

(To be serious, I found Richard's anguish to be surprising and poignant. He may be a soldier, but he needs to be a man and find a way to live with his disappointment. I am curious to know whether you'll be introducing a new character for his salvation or what events will change how he interacts with the other ladies besides Elizabeth.)

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

My problem with the whole Georgie/George thing is that she was pining herself silly for the Col and then Wickham shows up and she's going to be on him like stink on s***t. The girls around here are a bit fickle, aren't they? Maybe it's something to do w/Hertfordshire? Wickham and Georgiana have a 2nd chance with each other? Gah!

Hurry, Eli! We need to at least get Lizzy and Darcy married so they can go have an official shag and the Col can hook up with someone else.

Is Jane going to hook up w/the Col. Are you going to kill off Charles because he's too stupid to live? He's got some heirs, so it's OK if he dies. Jane wouldn't be too put out now that she's getting some good luvin'.

Just some random thoughts from me.

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

So much for romance, ladies! My poor romantic heart is bleeding at such hoarse words!

You guys are really singled minded. But I will not retort you, nor will I take offence. Love is twice in the story, hockling or not, and everyone may have his/her chance to love WHOEVER THEY CHOOSE(or I for that matter). I stick to Lorena's beautiful words. She seemed to have grasped the meaning of my muse.

However...You will have the hot night you are pinning for next time, so get your salts ready.
Oh my! The charms of Mr Darcy's loins!

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

No Margaret.No new characters. I love to play with the same old characters in new situations. I hate when there are new names other than the ones one is used to.The Doctor at Ellen G's story may be one of the few exceptions.

Colonel Fitzwilliam, Elizabeth and Darcy form my triangle.

Fear not. You will have your happy ending and I will have my revenge when I had rewritten the story as it had been originally thought. Then you will have cause to repine!

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

I like the way you explained Wickham. He seems so sincere, but are we soon to get an explanation of wheere he's gotten is money? And the Colonel, poor wretched soul, what will become of him? I hope he does not end up with Jane, she doesn't seem quite good enough for him now. And Darcy, will he find out about the Colonels engagement to Lizzy just minutes before the wedding?

I know, I know be patient and it will all soon unfoil. I do love your story and have been very excited at the slightly faster posting of new chapters. Looking forward to reading more very soon.

Thanks, Eli!

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

Indeed, Jess. I have this thing for lost causes. Maybe Wickham was misunderstood. People have to bear in mind that we know the story through Darcy and Elizabeth only. Never through Wickham or Georgiana. And why can't a man of twenty something fall in love with a girl of fifteen? Where is it written anyway? I can think of many examples right now.

Will the Colonel end up with Jane? Mmm. Good question.Mr Bingley will soon have something to say about his wife's change of demeanour. But the Colonel's heart cannot unlove Elizabeth just like this.

Well. Thank you for posting a few words Jess. Keep in touch.

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

I am sorry Eli, but I am just not in the colonel's corner on this. He had his chance to marry her, he chose not to. She was ready, willing, and able. He didn't do it because Darcy loved her. That was noble, but the fact remains that Darcy still loves her and she loves him. He needs to move on. He seemed to have no problem seducing Jane. How in love can he be? Darcy didn't even sleep with his own wife for five years because he loved Elizabeth. In my eyes, Darcy has done nothing wrong compared to the others (Lizzy included). I know you think we were harsh with Georgie but really! Someone else said it right when they made the point about being SO in love with the colonel only to switch affection immediately to Wickham practically the next day. I don't care how old she is, it's more than immaturity, it's a character flaw! Her actions just do not make me sympathetic to her.

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

Of course, Alicia. I see your point.

But Georgiana is too young and inexperience and too much left on her own. That is all.And she is not soooo sweety natured,she cannot be. Remember she could have never been so mild if at only 15 had agreed to an elopement with a man of 26.

Regarding Darcy, I am not so sure about that. Anne was not Jane. I wonder what would have happened if Anne would have been beautiful and lovely as Jane is. And he was not unwilling to fulfil his marital duties, remember? At least he was not refusing to oblige.If Anne had not locked him out, he would have complied with his duty.

Men would bed their sister if they are left to it. Take Cain!

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

Well, I gotta speak up for my Darcy...Even tho Darcy was willing to fulfill his marital obligations, he could have taken a mistress or occasionally had his "needs" met by a courtesean, but he didn't. He truly felt that sex without love was only an obligation...and he loved Lizzy. Obviously, Richard had no such qualms. Darcy is the better man when you compare loyalty to the one you love. Darcy wasn't even willing to take Lizzy when she offered herself up to him because he was thinking of what was in Lizzy's best interest, not his. Richard made a similar sacrifice: but even when Darcy thought that all hope was lost, he still didn't go out looking for a quick roll in the hay to find comfort...Richard was ready and willing to find comfort at the nearest port...Richard is hurt and its sad when someone gets hurt in love, but he's said it before (I forget which chapter) that he didn't love Lizzy the way Darcy loved her..Darcy nearly lost himself when he lost Lizzy, so he realizes that Lizzy would never love him the way she loves Darcy...he's being gallant and realistic...but he still likes being admired and loves to flirt with everyone; Darcy's natural reserve makes him more focused on the one person who has his heart, and he could care less how attractive he is to others. Darcy's not perfect, but he's perfect for Lizzy.
I also agree with your comments on Georgiana, and I want to add that she's no wall flower, but at 15, without any female role model to follow and only old ladies to ask for advice; could she really understand the difference between love and girlish infatuation? Wickham may have been in love with her but that doesn't change the fact that he didn't trust her love enough to allow her to mature...was he afraid that she'd grow out of her infatuation? There are lots of examples where young 15 yr old girls are mature beyond their years, however, the Georgiana in cannon still appears to be very young for her age.

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

Well Ms. Eli! I can see how you have pulled all the stories to there end, almost! I feel for the poor, poor Col. and Georgiana. They are only human! He is so sad(Col). Georgiana, well like others have said she might have been more level head had she a woman to look up to, and maybe look out for her. She is only looking for love, and she really has a case of hormones!Wickham may have finally grown up and trying to act as he should have all those other long years! He too is only looking for love, Lydia shows nothing more than what she thinks is owed her! As for are Lizzy & Darcy, I can guess what they have been doing on their long walks, and strolls in the garden! I know he will wait to make her truly his, but, talk about pent-up frustration! I look foward to the ending chapters, only to concentrate on your other story more!

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

Darcy's natural reserve makes him more focused on the one person who has his heart, and he could care less how attractive he is to others. Darcy's not perfect, but he's perfect for Lizzy.

Indeed I agree with you. This is Austen's Darcy.

Not in my story. If you go back as early as chapter 1, you will see that my Darcy's reluctancy to seeking female favour, stemmed from a horrible experience at too early an age, with a courtesan.His reserve and shyness comes from that, and he too, became very much attatched to the Scriptures admonisions regarding one's sex, only to forget them all when faced with the temptation of Elizabeth's coy looks plus too much brandy in his system(Twelfth Night?)

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

I look foward to the ending chapters, only to concentrate on your other story more!

I would not be so sure. You cannot imagine the horrible angst to come in AAITSL. If people quitted reading LCT, I guess I will be left all alone with this one!

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

That's what makes everything interesting! All these stories are never the same! Love the imagination you have, and how you put your stories in motion. I look foward to a good read!

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

I can't believe this is happening! Georgiana is still falling for his lies. I am so addicted to this story!!

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

Tis about time, dear ladies and gents, I know, but Mrs Darcy has been writing herself and a day still only has 24 hours unfortunately!

Anyway, chapter 35 is up. Enjoy!

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

Eli Eli Eli! When is the next chapter to post? Its bout time, right?

I need my fix, remember, it is the crazy tax season here in the U.S. and I need some enlightenment!

Next chapter is 35. Not the wedding night according to you. Previously, you said that will be in Chapters 36 & 37. Will we get a double dose that week or will you make us wait through an entire two weeks to complete it?

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

Renee, you beat me to it by 5 minutes! I will go read now!!!

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

*tee hee* sweet k-chick, this must be telepathy!

Eli, loved this chapter, it was sweet and poignant, and hot!

R~ <-- eager for more~!

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

K, it has been read! Very glad they are married but I am not sure if I liked the last line of "Indeed, it hurt not." For some reason that really scares me...Eli, what did you do?

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

Uh Oh!!!!!

That last line was a cliffhanger and a half.

I am sorry it has been a couple of chapters since I have posted a thought, but life and cases have taken their toll.

When you included Wickham, you really stuck him into an already convoluted plot. So he is still working his lies and wiles on everyone. I can't wait to see what he has up his sleeve or more than likely his pants. I hope beyond all hope that Georgie does not get hurt.

Thank you

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

It hurt NOT???????

Does that mean that Richard took her after all??
(And then Darcy will find her note to Richard?)

what a mess!

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

Oops Renee, I thought you were going to upload AA today, not LCT. Anyway, I am glad you liked the chapter.
Isn't it amazing how people can be so eager for angst that would see it even were there is none? You guys make me laugh to the point of tears!
I guess you will have to wait for next week end to get to know why it did not hurt. To see what is up with Mr W, you shall have to wait a bit more. Thanks to be still with me.
But really, I thought you would be at least a bit happier now that they are married!!!

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

Indeed, I am very happy they are married but no one else is happy. Jane & Georgiana & Charles & Richard & George are still in a bit of a mess. I am already looking forward to more next week!

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"

We are a demanding lot aren't we? Frist we want the couple only to have eyes, body and soul to each other, then marriage and now the ever-important cherry issue

Great chapter, not because of the wedding night scene , but also of Georgina's mood and confused mind. Look forward to the next chapter!

Re: Elena's "Love Calls Twice"


I have really tried to avoid WIPs but, as in the "Godfather," I was pulled in and cannot get out. Of course, the difference is I feel I must follow your story because it is inventive, well written, and exciting. Oh well, I am in for the rest of the ride!

Concerning chapter 35, before the wedding I was awaiting a last emotional conversation between Lizzie and Richard regarding their past relationship. I hope there will be a point in which that confrontation occurs and Darcy finds out that his wife had been engaged to his cousin.

Jane is typically portrayed as devoid of passion. Therefore, your different Jane character makes your story interesting too in that she is more human.

Well, there are many more positive comments I could share; but, I will close with simply stating I will be with you all the way to the close of the story because it is wonderful.


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